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New restrictions by the Taliban

German Centeno
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They prohibit the population from trimming their beards and using mobile devices

New restrictions by the Taliban – News – WebMediums

The laws of the Taliban do not cease to surprise the world, this is how it has now become known that the authorities of three Afghan regions have issued new restrictive circulars, so that every day Afghanistan goes back to the past while the Emirate adopts the Constitution monarchy of 1964.

Since last August when the Taliban regained power, they seem to be determined to want to eliminate all traces of current affairs and gender equality, or for that reason they have shown each of the actions they have taken in the short time that carry in power.

As one of the latest measures taken to clearly affect the population of that country, the authorities of the provinces of Helmand, Tajar and Kapísa have issued new circulars where from that moment men will not be able to shave their beards again or trim them, this It is because according to Emirati regulations, it is a sin not to have a beard.

Women have also been affected after knowing the new circular

New restrictions by the Taliban – News – WebMediums

It has been made known that women will not be able to use smart mobile devices, so this new prohibition against the female gender confirms the great discrimination that exists towards them and that it is becoming greater.

On the other hand, several residents of Kapísa have confirmed to the local media that the new restrictions adopted by the provincial department of the Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, said department has replaced the old Ministry of Women.

Some of the testimonies of those present said the following: "We have been told that it is forbidden to shave or trim the beard with style, anyone who does not comply with this will face legal punishments."

According to Tolo TV, an Afghan television network, this measure has also been taken by Tajar and Helmand.

With all the controversy that arose, In aamulá Samangani, current member of the Cultural Commission of the Ministry of Culture and Information, has mentioned the following: “The Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice has made official that said circular has not been published for it, and it is on social networks that do not belong to them”.

Whatever the case, these regulations have already been applied in three provinces, which have been very well accepted by some of the residents, while others have not agreed.

Expense bans on weddings and air shots

In addition, information has been revealed about the different plans by the Taliban to be able to restore amputations and executions in the country.

Last Saturday it was possible to see in several squares of Herart four kidnapped people who were murdered and slaughtered in them, this as a measure to give an example of what will happen to criminals.

Similarly, the government has made it known this Tuesday that temporary measures will be taken where the monarchical Constitution of 1964 will be adopted, which allows women the right to vote.

While the Ministry of Justice has been quick to clarify that everything that conflicts with the principles of the Islamic Emirate and Sharia will be discarded.

Finally, the Taliban assured the population after they came to power that they would be much more inclusive, but at the time of presenting their provisional government all the high positions were for men so no women were included.

Which is why it is still believed that this new mandate of the Taliban seeks to reduce women's rights at all costs.