North Korea announces that it fired new long-range cruising missiles according to state media

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North Korea announces that it fired new long-range cruising missiles according to state media

Korea of the North affirms who tried successfully new missiles from cruise long-range over the weekend, so said the Agency Central from News from Korea (KCNA.) State of the country.

The report says that the Academy from Sciences from the Defending from the country, successfully tried the missiles on 11 and 12 september and the weapons that had been developing for two years.

Weapons demonstrate, an effective means of deterrence for to guarantee in a much more reliable way, the security of the state and energetically contain the maneuver military of the forces hostile against LA. RPDC.

Research from the United States and South Korea

State United Y. the neighbor South Korea, they are doing research the affirmations of the launch, officials said of both countries said.

The missiles they are often detected after testing is performed for their low flight altitudes. Korea of the North, there were already two tests of cruise missiles this year, but they did not reveal it, because they do not reveal all the evidence of cruise missile that are detected.

The launch announcement of Korea from North it occurred just when the main envoy of nuclear affairs of Korea of the South, it is directed towards Japan, to be able to discuss Korea of the North, with US and Japanese officials. The Minister of Relationships Outside from China, Wang. Yi., it also plans to visit Korea of the South.

The command IndoPeaceful of the Army of the State United, he announced that he is aware of the launch reports of the cruise missiles from Korea of the North, and what is it? Working with allies and partners.

This activity stands out, any continuous focus of the RPDC in the development of his program military and all threats that represents, for its neighbors and the community international.

Concern about the Bolistic Missile Program of North Korea

Several resolutions Tip from Security from the UN, they have expressed concern, for the program of missiles bolistic from Korea of the North, these resolutions have not focused on the development or testing of cruise missiles.

Unlike ballistic missiles, the cruise missiles, they are powered by engines or reaction. Like an airplane that is closer to the ground, which makes it much harder to detect. Most cruise missiles are not designed to transport nuclear warheads. However, this missile test of North Korea, was the most significant since US President Joe Biden assumed office in January.

According KCNA., the new ones missiles they traveled 7,580 seconds along and wide in the air, over North Korea's land and territorial waters, hitting targets 1,500 kilometers, 930 miles away.

The first test releases of North Korea

The first test releases by North Korea this year, they were seen as an attempt to send a message to the administration Biden on the importance of the country.

North Korea, has taught new and not tested armaments in their military parades in recent months. The United States, advance that some of this would eventually be tested in a demonstration of force, by North Korea and its Kim Jong leader.

The sister of the leader North Korean, he warned last month that the country would respond to United States Armies and Korea of the South, who would face a threat of security much more serious.

At the end of last month, the United States approved the sales US258 millions on guided ammunition of precision and equipment related to Korea of the South.

Media communication from Korea of the South, they have informed, that navy from Korea of the South tested and shooting a missile ballistic from a submarine for the first time. The Ministry of Defending of the country refused to confirm or deny this report.

North Korea announces that it fired new long-range cruising missiles according to state media