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People who have received the Janssen vaccine will need to receive a second booster dose

German Centeno
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People who have received the Janssen vaccine will need to receive a second booster dose
Janssen will need a second booster dose

All citizens who have received the Janssen single-dose vaccine in Spain will have to receive a second two as a booster measure.

This has been the proposal of the health experts regarding the vaccine, this is how they have already transferred this request to the Public Health Commission.

Some sources of the Ministry of Health have expressed that it is this body that will have the last word on the approval of the second dose, which will be known after a meeting to be held next week.

It is estimated that at least two million people have received the formula from the Johnson & Johnson company in Spain. According to various studies carried out, it has been shown that the protection provided by this vaccine, which uses adenovirus, can be up to 30% less than those that use messenger RNA (mRNA) technology.

A second dose would be necessary

People who have received the Janssen vaccine will need to receive a second booster dose
Covid-19 Janssen Vaccine

Consistent with this, health experts believe that all people who took the first dose of Janssen are now taking a second booster dose of either Moderna or Pfizer.

It is recommended in these cases that the second dose be placed at least two months or three months after the first has been administered, and if possible, all those who have already more than three months of having placed the first should be vaccinated vaccine.

However, the approval of the Public Health Commission is still pending, it would be the fourth group to receive a booster dose in Spain.

The first group were people over 70 years old, then people at high risk, that is, people with cancer, Down syndrome, among other diseases.

The third group corresponded to all the elderly who live in residences, in order to reinforce them against the new coronaviruses that were appearing.

All these people will now be joined by all those who were immunized with Janssen.

Same as Pfizer and Moderna

People who have received the Janssen vaccine will need to receive a second booster dose
Pfizer and Moderna

The Johnson & Johnson company defended in late September with the presentation of several studies, that a single-dose booster dose of the vaccine would help increase immunity to the virus.

This is how Mathai Mammeny, global director of Research and Development, has explained that the effectiveness of the Janssen vaccine against moderate to severe coronavirus is 74 percent with a dose, while with doses it could reach 94 percent, these are figures which are very similar to that of Pfizer / Biontech with 92% and the modern one with 95%.

This proposal regarding the presentation of the vaccine coincides with the decision made on Thursday by advisers to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States.

Where the fifteen experts of this body have made the decision to support the placement of a second dose of the Moderna and Janssen vaccines, as recommended by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Following this news, Modernas and Johnson & Johnson join the Pfizer vaccine as the doses that are allowed to be given as a booster. Similarly, FDA gave approval to mix and match these immunizers to increase protection in people.

In this way, this has been the way to follow for the presentation of vaccines, where the second dose is placed with the Pfizer or Moderna instead of applying the Janssen, as the company had defended.

Despite the fact that the advisory committee has approved this booster dose only for certain people, such as those over 65 or sick people, its great objective is to be able to clear as soon as possible a generalized campaign that prevents the resurgence of the virus in the United States.

It is already a reality in the world that many countries are having a rebound in Covid-19, even those where a large part of their population is already vaccinated, as is the case in the United Kingdom, where the majority of the population is vaccinated with the AstraZeneca, a vaccine that, like Janssen, uses the adenovirus.

This is how they have been infected with more than 40,000 SARS-CoV 2 daily for a few weeks. The figure exceeded 50,000 infected this Thursday.

AstraZeneca's vaccine raises questions

People who have received the Janssen vaccine will need to receive a second booster dose
United Kingdom with more than 40,000 infections a day

Despite the fact that in the United Kingdom infections have been increasing, the incidence of the virus is not reflected in hospitalizations or in deceased people, despite this, health authorities consider that the worsening of the situation is due to the massive use of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Therefore, the AstraZeneca vaccine is losing effectiveness according to the studies carried out, so its effect diminishes before that of Pfizer. Among some responses to the advance of the coronavirus could be because the United Kingdom boiled its inhabitants long before Europe.

The appearances of the Delta variants have forced the health authorities to have to review the immunization strategy. Now with the variant baptized as Delta Plus, which is estimated to be between 10 and 15% more contagious than the Delta, the importance of seeking reinforcements for the population is becoming more and more important.

For the week of September 27, Delta Plus (AY4.2) accounted for at least 6% of all positive coronavirus cases and which was on a rising line. Given this, the United Kingdom called this Friday to study the administration of a booster dose for people over 50 years of age.

Thus, as the Government of Boris Johnson plans to place the reinforcement with the doses of Pfizer or Moderna, it would be placed six months after having received the second dose, although due to the advancement of data, the authorities intend to lower that time to four or five months.

Finally, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced this Thursday that it is closely studying the sublineage of the virus, which has also appeared in Russia, the United States and Denmark.