Russia has some of the best vaccines against Covid-19 and one of the lowest populations to be vaccinated

Less than half of the Russian population has both doses of vaccination.

Nataly De Trujillo
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Russia is known as the country that has generated one of the best vaccines in the world, however, only 31% of its population is vaccinated. According to data from Our World in Data from the University of Oxford, less than half the population is vaccinated with both doses and only 3% have a single dose.

In early 2021, one of the most influential journals in the world of medicine pointed out that the Russian vaccine scientifically known as Sputnik V, had an efficacy of 91.6% for the prevention of COVID-19, leading it to measure up of the best vaccines.

Russia has some of the best vaccines against Covid-19 and one of the lowest populations to be...

What about the Russian population?

In the Russian population, the rejection of the vaccine can be reflected in the existential distrust of the politics and medicine of their country.

Many of the inhabitants choose not to obtain it, since they have consulted with their trusted doctors, and they are the ones who have advised them to wait a few more years, and thus be able to be completely sure that the vaccines will not cause negative side effects.

According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, people are extremely upset by the little information provided regarding the making of the vaccine, and the real side effects. Or in that case, if there are people who at the time of doing the tests received the effects in a mild or severe way, and assured that without accurate answers the population will not yield.

Russia has some of the best vaccines against Covid-19 and one of the lowest populations to be...
Diplomat Dmitri Peskov, spokesman for the Moscow Kremlin, Russia.

In addition to this, the official also announced that the virus is becoming increasingly aggressive, and that the level of vaccination in the population is not enough to cope with it.

Waves of contagion

Currently, Russia is positioned as the fifth country in the world with the highest rate of infections (7.8 million) and mortality rate (217,000) according to data indicated by the Johns Hopkins University in the United States. In the last month, the country had more than 600,000 infected.

The harsh wave of infections exerts great pressure on the available health services, there are constantly check-ups in the country, and of the last 17 carried out, 13 of them have registered deaths due to COVID-19, the number Highest so far, it was recorded two days ago at 999.

Sputnik V and the other countries

According to the Russian news agency TASS, the creation of this vaccine worked to strengthen the international image of Russia, so much so that it was accepted in many Latin American countries such as: Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Chile, Panama, Brazil, Ecuador and Venezuela.

Russia has some of the best vaccines against Covid-19 and one of the lowest populations to be...

The problems that arose in some previous countries, in reference to the vaccine, were due to the fact that there was not a constant supply of it, and the inhabitants of those countries had to wait much longer than the established time.

This led to questioning the reliability of the Russians, since they did not give information about why the delay.

How does the Russian vaccine work?

Scientists specialized in this must take genes from the coronavirus spike protein and place it in an adenovirus, which is nothing more than a harmless vector, and thus make the vaccine, after which it is injected into the intended patient.

Once the vaccine enters cells, it produces spike protein, causing an increase in the production of antibodies in the immune system and the activation of T cells, which help destroy the other cells that have spike protein.

Russia has some of the best vaccines against Covid-19 and one of the lowest populations to be...

Importantly, the Sputnik V vaccine uses a different adenovirus vector in each dose, which makes it possible to stimulate an immune response in each body.

Once both doses are administered, if the person contracts the virus, the antibodies and T cells will automatically activate, thus unanimously fighting the virus in its entirety.

Some side effects

It is known that some people do not suffer from side effects at the time of the vaccine, however, those who have suffered them point out that the side effects are common and possibly bearable.

Such side effects are: swelling, redness and pain at the injection site, fever, tiredness, constant headaches, muscle pain, chills, nausea or vomiting.

You must know what, not all bodies are the same, that is, not all have the same symptoms or the same discomforts.

Sputnik V rumors

As many people do not fully understand how the vaccine works and how the virus operates in the human body, it is safer to be carried away by a corridor rumor than by tangible results, which is the case in Russia.

The gossip and misinformation in reference to this have been very constant in Russia, so the population chooses not to wear it.

Russia has some of the best vaccines against Covid-19 and one of the lowest populations to be...

According to anthropologist Alexandra Arkhipova, senior researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, by the time the vaccine was created, an approximate 314 rumors had accumulated about COVID-19, and of these, more than 80 were related to vaccines.

In addition, we live in an era of technology and constant updates, when these rumors began to persuade people, more than 2 million comments had already been published on social networks (RRSS) with reference to the different vaccines established to attack the coronavirus.