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Political dispute in Haiti

Nataly De Trujillo
3 min read

A spiral of crisis encompasses Haiti, and this time, fuel is one of the most pronounced today.

In the last weeks of this month, the North American country is immersed in a crisis due to lack of fuel, which has again generated protests, and that illegally armed groups take over the oil terminal.

In the capital of the country, almost all service stations are closed, as in the interior, only that in these areas it is where the shortage situation could really worsen.

Political dispute in Haiti – News – WebMediums
Gasoline shortage in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti.

In the so-called G9 coalition, a group of armed gangs have positioned themselves in order to prevent access to the Varreux terminal, which makes a strategic closure, since it is the place with the largest fuel storage in Haiti.

Therefore, its blockade explicitly affects the population, hospitals, and also telecommunications companies, because they depend on petroleum products to get going.

Gang statement

Haiti has not had political stability for many years, or since never if it can be said, as well as a solidity in the social or economic aspect, and without a doubt the abrupt assassination of former president Jovenel Moise worsened the situation.

From this, the gangs have taken advantage to gain ground, well it is the case of Jimmy Chérizier, better known as Barbecue, a gang member who has taken advantage of to become more enthroned, through violence and kidnappings, and clearly the taking of the places of eminence.

Political dispute in Haiti – News – WebMediums
Portrait of Jimmy Cherizier, currently known as a Haitian gang member.

Barbecue is currently identified as one of the most powerful criminals, since he managed to stabilize nine of the most dangerous gangs in Port-au-Prince.

He even shares that the only way to unlock the Varreux terminal, which he has completely taken over, is through the resignation of the current prime minister, Ariel Henry.

After the murder of Moise

It could be argued that the breaking point in Haiti developed after the assassination of Jovenel Moise, as this completely paralyzed the country's electoral route, and the assassination of the former president by Colombian mercenaries ended up inducing them into chaos.

Political dispute in Haiti – News – WebMediums
Barbecue gang member, before the portrait of the late former president Jovenel Moise, paying tribute.

In this sense, armed gangs such as the G9 coalition, led by Barbecue, take advantage of the power vacuum left, and generate new spaces, kidnap people and impose their laws, in such a way that the key facilities for the supply of fuel are taken over by them.

One of the things that this coalition insists on is that the prime minister take action on the matter for the murder of the former president, especially after the investigation that indicates him as a suspect, because he was communicating with Joseph Félix Badio, one of the prime suspects in this.