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Queen Elizabeth II wishes her successor to be Camilla

For her 70th anniversary of her arrival in the Monarchy, the queen shows her feelings through a message

Veronica Morao
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Queen Elizabeth II wishes her successor to be Camilla – News – WebMediums
Queen Elizabeth II wants Camilla to obtain the title alongside Prince Charles

The queen has publicly confirmed that she wants Camilla to get the title when Prince Charles becomes king.

The queen informed that her son Carlos will be the new king, and she is sure that both will receive the same support they have given her; she wishes that when that time comes, they should know Camilla as the Queen Consort, while she continues her loyal service.

In 2005, it was said that Camilla would remain as Princess Consort, so her title was always questioned. After the queen's announcement, when the time comes, Prince Charles's wife will be crowned alongside him.

Gradually Camilla has made progress, since the Duchess of Cornuelles became a member of the Privy Council of Queen Elizabeth in 2016, and at the end of last year she became part of the Order of the Garter.

The couple is very honored and touched by what the queen said, a spokesman for the Prince of Wales said.

Many wonder if people would accept Camilla as the new queen, after Charles' marriage to Princess Diana in the early 1990s.

In her message, the monarch spoke of her beloved Prince Felipe, who passed away last year. She communicated that she was blessed by Prince Felipe, since he was a great companion who was always willing to play the role of consort and who selflessly made all the sacrifices that it entailed.

In recent decades there have been technological, social and cultural advances which, according to the queen, have benefited everyone and she is sure that they will offer great opportunities to the generation of young people in the United Kingdom and throughout the Commonwealth.

The queen also said that, on this anniversary, she reflects on the goodwill that people of different nationalities, ages, and creeds have shown her over the years.

She added that, as long as she is alive, she will continue to serve with all her heart and hopes that this jubilee brings together friends, neighbors, communities and families, to reflect on the progress that has been made in daily life and that happily coincide with her reign.