Rapper R. Kelly found guilty of sex trafficking after decades of allegations

Grecia De Flores
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#MeToo was one of the hashtags with the greatest impact in 2017.

Thanks to movements like this, it was possible to unmask a great mafia that existed within Hollywood, and which greatly affected actresses in the industry.

Thanks to the numerous and frequent accusations that the famous Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein received, complaints to which names such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie were added, but it was thanks to the actress and activist Alyssa Milano, who came to popularize the hashtag # MeToo, so that this movement was the campaign we know today.

Rapper R. Kelly found guilty of sex trafficking after decades of allegations

A campaign with real purposes and motives

Milano's intention was to ensure that all women who became victims of sexual harassment had the opportunity to raise their voices and thus make their story known.

The latter was essential to be able to raise awareness around the world about the magnitude of the problem.

Thanks to this repercussion, the proposal came to take on a global dimension, which is why thousands of people in all the countries of the world will join the movement and thus unite their voices and history.

On October 15, the initiative was launched and from that moment it reached 200,000 reproductions, while in networks like Facebook there were almost 5 million people who spoke about it at least in the first 24 hours.

Today hundreds of situations of sexual violence continue to be denounced, which is experienced on a daily basis, which is why hundreds of artists have spoken within the film industry.

This being a case of social mobilization, social networks have helped such cases, testimonies and faces to be made visible in order to put an end to those who commit said crimes, but are protected under a veil of money and complicity.

The heavy accusations on R. Kelly

Based on this and after decades of accusations, renowned rapper Robert Kelly was found guilty on Monday, all this in the middle of a trial that was carried out in New York.

The trial was carried out under the charges of extortion, thanks to a complaint of sex trafficking, which also included the recruitment and sexual abuse of women, children and girls, according to the AP agency. Kelly could face a prison sentence lasting several decades.

The musician was sentenced in total for 14 acts of abuse, which included the sexual exploitation of a child, in addition to kidnapping, bribery and various charges of sex trafficking.

Likewise, the rapper was charged with eight counts of violation of the Mann Law, which prevents him from transporting any type of person across state lines.

During this legal process, Kelly's victims made various statements in which they declared that they had signed confidentiality forms, as well as threats and punishments with flogging, if any of the captives were to break the so-called "Rob's rules."

The jury in charge of the case, had in their possession some tapes in which the sexual abuse of Kelly was in evidence, which need not be clarified, they were not consensual.

The people who were affected by Kelly, feared about the disclosure of the videos, which could also be used against them, if they dared to reveal Kelly's abuses and crimes.

The final verdict is expected to be made public in the coming weeks.