Tehran will take action against piracy act in tanker detention by the United Kingdom

Cristian García
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Today, the Iranian Minister of Defense, Amir Hatami, was pronounced today on national television to communicate that the happened about the detention of Iranian oil in Gibraltar, United Kingdom, was an act of marine piracy.

Tehran will take action against piracy act in tanker detention by the United Kingdom
Photo: AFP.

The Iranian minister pointed out that they will take action on the detention of their country's oil off the coast of Gibraltar. In this way, he alerted the authorities of the United Kingdom to reverse the decisions, which Hatami pointed out as acts of marine piracy and that go against Europe's nuclear agreements:

Recently, the British Government, in a provocative move, stopped an oil tanker operated by Iran off the coast of Gibraltar, which goes against international regulations and the commitments of the European signatories to the nuclear agreement. The Islamic Republic, which has always fought decisively against piracy, will not tolerate such acts and will not leave them unanswered.

The detention of Iranian oil occurred last Thursday through members of the British Navy, when accused Iran of transporting such cargo to land of Syria, which would be an aggravating act worldwide.

Despite these accusations, Abas Araqchí, Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran, said that the oil shipment that was transporting his country was not going to Syria:

Contrary to the claim of the British Government, the destiny of this oil tanker was not Syria. He does not have the capacity to receive such a supertanker.

Because of all this happening, the tension between both countries has increased, which has left the world population in expectation. We still need to know the decisions that the government of the United Kingdom will take against such statements by Minister Amir Hatami.

Washington threatens Iran with more sanctions after Tehran's decision to enrich with uranium oil

The US Secretary of State U.S., Mike Pompeo, announced that the US government is willing to apply more sanctions to irán after echoing the news that the country had surpassed the limits of uranium enrichment of oil agreed, worldwide, in 2015.

This statement pompeo has expressed it in his social network of Twitter, where I express, without hesitation, the decision of the United States to sanction Iran in case it does not abide by the world agreements in relation to the oil field:

The latest expansion of Iran's nuclear program will lead to more isolation and more sanctions. Nations must restore the long-held standard that Iran could not enrich (uranium) within its nuclear program. Iran's regime, armed with nuclear weapons, would pose an even greater danger to the world.

Recently, iran decided to increase the enrichment level of uranium purity to a value higher than the 3.67% allowed through the global agreement of 2015. All this has alarmed EE. UU about the risks of creation of an atomic bomb by this nation.