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The cost of gasoline on Thanksgiving Day in Florida was the highest in eight years

Cesar Romero
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The cost of gasoline on Thanksgiving Day in Florida was the highest in eight years
Drivers in Florida seek to save every penny on fuel.

Floridians who hit the road during Thanksgiving experienced the highest gas costs since 2013, says the American Automobile Association.

The normal cost of a gallon of ordinary gasoline in the state rose ten cents in the past week to $3.36, the most exorbitant cost since September 2014.

It remained at $3.35 on Monday morning, six cents below its average of $3.41.

The American Automobile Association says that while 2.6 million Floridians prepared to head out on Thanksgiving, the normal tank of gas remained $50 for a 15-gallon tank, which is $13 more than drivers they paid on Thanksgiving 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic.

"High gas costs are not something drivers will appreciate this Thanksgiving," said Association Representative Mark Jenkins.

"Fortunately, fuel costs are almost certain to drop for the holidays. Crude oil and gasoline fell last week, and that should restore some downward pressure on prices at the pump," he said.

Crude oil fell 6% last week, according to Jenkins, from $80.79 to $76.10 a barrel. He said it's the lowest since Oct. 1, when Florida paid a normal price of $3.05 per gallon for gasoline.

The West Palm Beach-Boca Raton metropolitan region is the most expensive in Florida for gasoline at the beginning of the week ($3.49), according to AAA data.

Monroe County is paying $3.47, Broward is heading for $3.39, and Miami-Dade's normal cost is $3.35.

The price of gasoline in Florida for Thanksgiving will be the highest in eight years.