These are the European products most affected by US tariffs on the European Union

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Donald Trump wants to collect an average of 7.5 billion dollars from the European products that arrive in his country. Scottish and Irish whiskeys, cheeses and French wine are the most affected.

These are the European products most affected by US tariffs on the European Union

United States and tariffs on European Union products

The United States continues to increase tariffs in its escalation of world economic control. From now on, whiskeys, cheeses and wines will be the main affected, although pasta and leather bags were left out, which worried the European Union about entering these tariffs. The dispute continues over airplane subsidies.

The European Union for its part assured that the measures taken by the United States will be responded too similarly. However, while this happens, the majority of European products in the United States will increase in prices as a result of the tariffs.

Liquors are the ones that will receive the strongest impact from the tariffs. Countries like Germany and Great Britain are concerned about the future of their business in North America. However, the main concern comes from Scotland.

The United States is our largest and most valuable single market, and over 1 billion Scotch whiskey was exported there last year (…) Tariffs would disproportionately affect smaller producers. Karen Betts, Director of the Scotch Whiskey Association.

Of course, European countries are concerned about the future of their exports. The increase in tariffs means that prices must rise and consumers will prefer other types of economic options in the face of this event. The European Union received a total of $4.1 billion in 2018 from sales of spirits and wines alone.

The list of foods that will be taxed is extensive, saving only pasta. Any dairy derivative will be recorded, in addition to fruits, sweets, cookies, meats, oils, among other products. All meat products will also be taxed to enter the United States.