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Thousands of immigrants go to the border between Belarus and Poland, how did they get there?

Mariana Romero
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Thousands of immigrants go to the border between Belarus and Poland, how did they get there?

Large numbers of people are on the line between Belarus and Poland, practically in very viral conditions, waiting to cross into the European Union. Where did they come from, and how did they get there?

It appears in the departures of these nations towards Belarus. For example, in the next seven days there are 21 departures from Istanbul to Minsk, 12 from Dubai and one from Baghdad, however, the gateway does not count all the planned contracted flights.

A large part of the travelers on these flights are perhaps passers-by who, with the alleged endorsement of Belarusian specialists, use this nation as a highlight of the trip to reach Europe.

How did this emergency start?

As of 2020, Belarusian specialists have eliminated or worked on the need for a visa for 76 nations. Among them are some affected by genuine containments, such as Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, such individuals are trying to get out.

Travel services from Syria, Iraq and Turkey have started offering departures to Belarus.

An excursion of this type costs between 10,000 and 20,000 dollars, depending on the conditions.

The German media Deutsche Welle noted in a review that Belarusian departments assigned the option of placing their country's visas on international IDs to these travel services.

Along with this, Belarus fundamentally expanded the number of departures from the Middle Eastern nations. Some European nations denounce that even Belarusian specialists are behind these advanced offers for travel services.

Where do passersby come from?

In mid-2021, Iraq was the main concern for flights. In September, the High Representative of the United Nations, Josep Borrell, managed to negotiate with Iraqi experts the most competent method to reduce these trips to Belarus.

As of now, it is the Kurds fleeing Syria who make up the majority of people trying to enter the European Union in this way. In Syria, they are harmed by the Syrian system, but also by the attackers of the Islamic State.

In any case, there are additionally passersby from Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen and some African nations where there are strict and political struggles, such as the Congo and Ethiopia.

How do travelers cross the border?

Towards the beginning of the displacement emergency, Polish and Lithuanian border guards would let people through and then send them to unusual offices.

In any case, simultaneously, the unknown pastors of the two nations began to blame Belarus for having solved this new peculiarity of the movement.

So at that moment, when hundreds and later large numbers of people constantly tried to cross the border, Poland and Lithuania closed the border crossing and began to shore up the line with a wall overflowing with spiked metal.

Currently, the border must be crossed illegally, which does not prevent passers-by from trying. Some try to pass the wall established by the guards on the line.

Others look for regions that are not guarded: for example, the line between Belarus and Poland stretches for more than 400 kilometers and much of it is covered by forests or marinas.

Is the Belarus border more policed?

Thousands of immigrants go to the border between Belarus and Poland, how did they get there?

In the light of many explanations from the displaced and bystanders themselves and the recordings recently unveiled by Lithuanian and Polish experts, the administration of the Belarusian line is directly training evacuees to cross the border illegally.

The website of the administration of the Belarusian line distributes data on the emergency of displacement, but guarantees that many exiles do not even know that they need a visa to cross the border.

" Belarus is fulfilling its most extreme obligation to stop illegal movements."

In a meeting with the Belarusian newspaper Nasha Niva, an unknown border official described the exercises of his specialization as "a total degradation of the laws and their commitment."

Where do travelers go?

Both Poland and Lithuania are also travel nations for displaced persons and transients. Many them plan to go to Germany, France, Austria and the Netherlands, where they may have relatives or colleagues from now on.

According to German specialists, something like 5,000 people have appeared in Germany via Belarus.

Is Russia associated with the emergence of the movement?

The authorities of many EU nations accept this. For example, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said:

"This assault that (Belarusian president) Lukashenko is completing has its driving force in Moscow. The genius is President Putin."

Russian specialists completely reject these accusations. The press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, described Morawiecki's words as unreliable and unsatisfactory.

Be that as it may, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has approached President Putin to intercede in the emergency, which the European Union considers "a half-done assault" aimed at undermining the bloc.