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Conflict between Poland and Belarus says Lukashenko

German Centeno
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Conflict between Poland and Belarus says Lukashenko – News – WebMediums
Conflict between Poland and Belarus

Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko has again stirred up rumors of war between his country and Poland, NATO and the Baltic republics. Last year it did something similar to what is happening right now in its borders.

That time in the midst of the protests against him, he pointed out to the opposition that he wanted to manipulate the results of the presidential elections and a possible war was looming. Today he has used the same language and has warned that if a war breaks out, Russia would be involved, and it is the largest nuclear power.

Likewise, the Belarusian president has been asked why fight migrants with Leopard tanks? To which he replied the following: "Forgive me, you and I, the military themselves, know what it means today to avoid a war against those unfortunate people on the border of Poland and Belarus."

"It is clear that this is a kind of training or is simply blackmail," Lukashenko said during an interview broadcast on Belarusian television together with the director of the Russian magazine "National Defense" Igor Korotchenko.

Tension on the border

According to the words of the President of Belarus, "taking up arms in this way in today's world, especially in Central Europe, is deadly", this with the aim of continuing to maintain who is causing all this current situation on the border outside the European Union is Poland.

He has made it clear that Belarus is only trying to lessen the confrontation that is going on right now on the border. Lukashenko has said that his country at the current juncture must be very careful.

"We are very aware that if we make a mistake, immediately Russia will be involved in this whirlwind and is the greatest global power. I am not crazy, I understand perfectly where all this can lead us. We know very well where our place is, but we are not going to kneel for that "added the Belarusian dictator.

Border between Poland and Belarus

Conflict between Poland and Belarus says Lukashenko – News – WebMediums
Lukashenko President of Belarus

Currently, one of the busiest land routes to enter the European Union before the arrival of winter is the border between Poland and Belarus. However, on this border at this time hundreds of migrants from the Middle East, Asia and Africa are concentrated on the intention of being able to pass.

Right now the border is protected by around 12,000 Polish soldiers and police who have had to resort to fire to try to survive and control hundreds of migrants. But politics right now seems to play against him, everything indicates to be a manufactured crisis.

This is how the tool used by the Minsk regime to punish its neighbors goes through the Belarusian opposition and Brussels for having sanctioned Lukashenko and everyone around him. This has been denounced by the Polish authorities and the European Union.

As the hours pass, the tension increases and every minute that passes increases the risk that this border will become a real war field, considering the alliance that Moscow and Belarus have and the clashes that both have with Poland and its neighbors Baltics.

"The attempt carried out from Belarus to launch a hybrid attack against Poland with regard to the massive influx of immigrants has begun" as the Polish government has denounced through a statement to which they have added the following:

"The Belarusian regime is currently attacking the Polish borders and those of the European Union in an unprecedented way," added its president, Andrzej Duda, through a press conference in Warsaw.

Only last Monday the authorities managed to register more than 300 attempts to cross the border irregularly and 17 people, almost all Iraqis, managed to be detained by the Polish government. It is a crisis that is not new and that has been coming since the beginning of the year.

Since January 2021, there are many people who have wanted to enter Poland without papers from Belarus, who are claiming asylum and which has currently been transformed into more than 23,000 cases.

The largest arrival of migrants is recorded

Conflict between Poland and Belarus says Lukashenko – News – WebMediums
More than 4,000 migrants try to reach Poland

Last Monday, the largest arrival of migrants ever seen was recorded on the border with Poland. It is believed that the figures could reach four thousand people. This has resulted in both the Polish Army and Police preventing all these people from entering their territory using weapons and tear gas.

Most of the people in this high group of migrants are made up of young men arriving from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, who are still sheltered in the forest next to the separation fence between the two borders. However, today they have not tried again to go to the other side.

All these migrants are against a race with time, considering that according to weather forecasts, next week temperatures will be below zero degrees. So these next few days are fundamental for all these people.

For now, no one really knows what will happen, if the Polish forces will be able to contain the passage of migrants or if Lukashenko continues to assure that Belarus does not have the capacity to restrict the passage of all these people because of the sanctions imposed by Brussels.

This could cause a serious problem for Belarus who would have to take on the challenge of returning all these people to their places, who have arrived there by plane from Baghdad, Istanbul and Damascus.

According to the Echo of Moscow radio program last Monday, it indicated that observers maintain that it is the Belarusian authorities themselves that are promoting the influx of undocumented migrants on the border with Poland, with the aim that they are illegally sent to the European Union.

Considering all this, the dictator Lukashenko has communicated by phone with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, who seems to totally agree with the way in which Lukashenko acts by not having reproached him for the way in which he is using migrants to destabilize and extorting money from the European Union.

Regarding the analysis of this situation generated on the border of Poland and Belarus by the concentration of hundreds of migrants, the following has been known: "Special attention was devoted to dealing with the deployment of Polish troops along the border of the Unitary States." The name by which Minsk and Moscow still refer to the Union of Belarus and Russia.

The visa agreement is suspended

The decision by the Council to partially suspend the application of the agreement between Belarus and the European Union that consists of facilitating the issuance of visas has been known in the last hours and has entered into force in July 2020.

This law had entered into force a month before the origin of the crisis that has been propelled by the sanctions imposed by Brussels on the Lukashenko regime for its repression of the massive peaceful protests that were accompanied by his umpteenth reelection. This after the presidential elections were classified as fraudulent by the United States and the European Union.

Now, after the suspension of the visas, the Belarusian official delegations, parliamentarians and civil servants, as well as the judges of its highest courts, will be directly affected. But this is not the only measure taken by the EU.

It was learned that the president of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has demanded the day before at 27 the extensions of the sanctions against that country, as well as the possibility of sanctioning the airlines of third countries that subcontract ships so that these aircraft are used by Belavia, the Belarusian state airline named for trafficking in human beings.

The Council's complaint has indicated that the Minsk regime has begun to organize in June 2021 internal trips and flights across its borders in order to facilitate the transit of immigrants to the European Union from Africa or the Middle East.

These are routes that have previously led to Lithuania and then to Latvia and Poland. All of this has caused an unprecedented increase in irregular immigration flows from Belarus.

Finally, it has been learned that in the conversation between Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin, the Belarusian president accuses Poland of intimidating his country with a military deployment on the border. Which is why Lukashenko points out that Poland "seeks an armed conflict in the center of Europe" which would be suicide. This after warning that Russia will not take long to intervene.