United States delayed deportation operation

Jesús Tremont
2 min read

President Trump would have decided to delay the operation in which millions of illegal immigrants would be deported from the country.

United States delayed deportation operation – News – WebMediums
Personal Twitter of Donald Trump, where he made the statement.

The operation would have been delayed because many of these families who entered the country illegally have given birth to children on American soil and this makes these children US citizens. This would cause that at the time of the planned raids, many children would be forcibly separated from their families since, unlike children, the parents are in the country illegally.

This operation was to take place in the following week and it was a series of highly planned raids in which at least 2,000 families in an illegal state would be attacked. Trump said that this delay will not be for long.

Many have described these raids as a bad thing. "Inhuman "said Nancy Pelosi a few hours ago, "Trump must stop these brutal acts, "added the President of the US House of Representatives in a statement.

The purpose of the raids is to demonstrate that the migration rules are serious. The United States seeks to let people who enter the country illegally know that laws are not a game. Basically hit the table.

"At the request of the Democrats, I have delayed the Deportation Plan for Illegal Immigrants for two weeks to see if the Democrats and Republicans can join and work together to find a solution to the problem of asylum and escape on the southern edge. If not, the deportation will start, "Donald Trump said through his personal Twitter account.

As always Trump is firm in his statements, although sometimes rushes in his tweets, almost always is usually right.