"What Greta Thunberg needs is sex": Gustavo Negreiros

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In recent weeks Greta Thunberg has been the focus of world attention for her fight against climate change. However, there is a large group of people who are against Greta Thunberg's double standards, but some comments have gone out of critical context and become misogynistic comments.

"What Greta Thunberg needs is sex": Gustavo Negreiros – News – WebMediums
Greta Thunberg
"If you do not like men, you should find a woman, if she is a lesbian. She needs sex. She is a hysterical poorly loved one," said Gustavo Negreiros, a Brazilian radio journalist.

Greta Thunberg is only 16 years old, which makes for an even more offensive comment. Although people can express their opinion in this way in private, Gustavo Negreiros did it live. The incident occurred in Rio Grande do Norte, northeast of Brazil.

Despite how strong the comment was, a journalist colleague confronted him to make him regret or change his comment, Gustavo Negreiros replied:

Go smoke your joint, your marijuana, back to Sweden.

Minutes later the program lost 3 of its 4 sponsors, which caused Gustavo Negreiros to be fired. Hours later the journalist stated:

"I am living in a whirlwind. I am sad and very shocked. I made an unfortunate comment. I already lost two jobs, my life was destroyed. I crossed the line, I cannot understand the words I said (...) We have a responsibility to the news, with the information. I did not know that the young woman had a health problem "

At the moment, the future of the journalist is unknown, however, he is not the only one who has made comments of this type against Greta Thunberg.

"What Greta Thunberg needs is sex": Gustavo Negreiros – News – WebMediums