Will Smith gives us some details about his open relationship with his wife

Grecia De Flores
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More than a year has passed since the news that shook public opinion, in which Jada Pinkett Smith claimed to have had a relationship with rapper August Alsina, news that shocked the world of entertainment. Well, she and who was her husband, Will Smith, were considered by many as one of the most stable and strong couples in Hollywood.

Recently the international media have touched on the subject again, in which they commented that the actor of "In search of happiness" confessed that despite having a monogamous marriage, between the two they have decided to take a step towards freedom and allow yourself the power to have sex with other people.

All this under the premise that everything was going to be real and always honest.

Will Smith gives us some details about his open relationship with his wife

More than a year ago, we heard the news that shocked everyone in the Hollywood world, in which Jada Pinkett Smith claimed to have had a relationship with rapper August Alsina.

Although the relationship of both artists has been quite public; Over the years there are many media that have wanted you to make a scandal. However, the couple seems unfazed by the attacks or attempts to boycott what they have called "our own happiness and free love. "

Some memories key of Will Smith

Will Smith recently spoke for "GQ" magazine where he talked a bit more about the book in which he talks about his memoirs.

Said book will be released in mid-November, in which he talks about his childhood, personal life and also his acting career.

However, one of the points that most intrigues the audience is what the actor is going to tell us about his relationship with Pinkett.

Smith, recognizes that from the beginning of his relationship and subsequent marriage with Jada, there were some key moments in which she left some of her strongest values, wanting to please him.

A clear example of this is the fact that Pinkett did not want a traditional ceremony, however, she agreed to the insistence that Smith put on it.

This is one of the first of many commitments that Jada would make over the years, as she claims that they painfully set aside their own values.

Likewise, the singer and actor revealed to the media that the actress was not entirely sure about conventional relationships, which is why they end up having a series of discussions and problems within their relationship.

Although Jada never believed faithfully in the concept of conventional marriage, the actress also had some relatives, whose relationships were unconventional. Which is why, she grew up in a totally different environment than Will.

There were endless but significant discussions regarding perfection within the relational, as well as the correct way in which to interact as a couple.

Although these topics between them were common, the actors chose between monogamy as the only way to the perfection of the couple.

But Will Smith also recognized that there were toxic relationship models, of which they try to fix their own relationship, which is why they feel that this was a fucking fault between the two.

Although both agreed that marriage cannot be a prison, for both, since the path is for both of them, not just one within the relationship.

However, they affirm that part of the growth and strengthening of the relationship is due to the previous experiences that both have had, in addition to not questioning the unconditional support that each receives from the other within the relationship.