Is it legal to be a member of a cannabis association?

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For people who use marijuana, Cannabis clubs or associations they have become like a unique space where they can meet, share with people who also consume even buy cannabis legally at home in the same place.

Of course, to enter and consume in these clubs, which usually have comfortable spaces with some elements for the distraction of their visitors, must be a member of the Cannabis association in question, butIs it legal to be a member of a club for the consumption / sale of Cannabis?

Is it legal to be a member of a cannabis association? – Online legality

Is it legal to be a member of a club for the consumption / sale of Cannabis?

To start, you have to understand what a Cannabis Club or a Cannabis consumer association is.

These clubs have several elements that explain the why of their legal functioning and also the reasons why they have become a factor present in many spaces of Spanish society, representing a gap where it starts to be promoted from the praxis, a possible open legalization of consumption, right now "limited" with certain rules and laws in Spain.

Responsibility #1 They are non-profit organizations

Although they usually charge a price of membership and permanence, like every club, this is done for the purpose of maintaining the establishment itself, but as for the sale of marijuana, this process does not represent intentions or effects of enriching a person or groups, Alejandro so the figure of drug trafficking or micro-trafficking.

It is very important to know this detail, this is the reason why even in past interventions to these clubs by the law, there were no complaints or prosecutions for traffic as it would be done with street mafias operators.

Responsibility #2 It is mandatory to be of legal age and be in your right mind so that a person can enter these clubs

In this way the participation of minors and any person with mental impairments or deficiencies that could be taken to affect you is ruled out. All are of legal age, responsible and clear in the activity that takes place in the premises.

Responsibility #3 Clubs are closed circles

Only members can enter / buy / consume in their spaces, this reduces the risks for people buying in marginal areas, where the sale and consumption of this drug could be related to criminal mafias and where the crimes for control of said sale are They give with certain frequency.

Responsibility #4 No other drugs are sold

Also very important. Some people believe that cannabis use is really a bridge, where the consumer necessarily ends up switching to another drug and this is not a certain element.

There are countless members of these associations who only attend as many times as they want, without needing or looking for another type of more powerful drugs and in any case, It will not be in the place where they get them.

This filter serves to ward off those who do not maintain controlled consumption and have other tastes related to dangerous drugs.

If we understand all the legal elements and precautions that surround the Cannabis clubs, without a doubt we will also have clear that there are no major legal risks to be partners of any.

Is it legal to be a member of a cannabis association? – Online legality

But is not the use of drugs in Spain prohibited?

Partly, yes. What happens is that the laws in this regard pursue the criminal dangers, the encouragement to trafficking and drug trafficking that could mean now give absolute freedom to the sale and consumption of marijuana openly.

Hence, fines are directed to sale and / or consumption in public places. Where the fines range from 300-500 euros to 3000, depending on the case.

But if someone buys cannabis in a store, stores it in their clothes and then consumes it in their home or in a closed place without disturbing anyone, they should not have problems with the law.

It is important to know that the fact of allowing or not to punish the consumption in a private place or in your home does not exempt the person from crimes related to children / minors, where the laws are strict regarding the prohibition to cultivate or to use drugs in front of children or young minors, reaching in extremes to affect the right to the custody of one or both parents who are found guilty of it.

Nor is it allowed to consume within a private property whose characteristics make visible from the outside the action of the person when consuming / sowing cannabis.

It is about avoiding giving an image of absolute permissiveness that stimulates the consumption of the drug, seeking to make a clear difference between allowing responsible consumption and stimulating mass consumption.

Is it legal to be a member of a cannabis association? – Online legality

Can I register my own Cannabis club?

Of course it is possible to do it, only that it has to be understood that it is not a meeting of friends in the garage, the elements implied by a Cannabis consumer association entail a series of responsibilities that must be taken into account.

Permits go through complying with a series of mandatory legal regulations, as they are for the benefit of the common.

If a person happens to start a Cannabis consumer association and has an excellent location, sealed even from the outside, but this is located right next to a school institution, the safest thing is to prohibit the operation, sometimes with the application of logic will be enough to avoid having a bad time before the application of regulations.

What is the most advisable to start my Cannabis club without having problems with the law?

Without a doubt, the most responsible behavior that can be had in this regard is to hire the services of a law firm with experts in the field of Cannabis, both in the regulations regarding it, as well as illegal detentions or outlaws. .

That is, legal advice should not be contracted only for the moment of creating the club, it is important that the same experts are also a guarantee of the club to defend themselves against any action that exceeds the provisions of the law.