Tips for preserving salads

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3 tips to preserve salads and other vegetables for much longer. To maintain a healthy organism, many nutritionists advise regular consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Unfortunately, with work, children and all other daily responsibilities, it is increasingly difficult to organize yourself to go shopping often and always have fresh foods at home.

Tips for preserving salads – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

Ideas for preserving salads

In addition, the vegetable is a food that requires a lot of time to be prepared, if the option is not a simple and quick salad. So, how do we keep fresh vegetables always without the need to go to the supermarket all the time? On this web about health Tips find more information on vegetable conservation.

To be able to consume the five servings of fruits and vegetables recommended in the Mediterranean Diet that helps prevent some degenerative diseases, we must organize ourselves well, so that no food is wasted.

A sachet to freeze food and a cotton cloth will be the only secret weapons to always have fresh and tasty vegetables on the table, even after a few days in the refrigerator.

Tips for preserving salads – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

Learn, then, 3 tips to preserve salads and other vegetables for much longer:

Method of the bag to conserve food

To conserve vegetables, the indicated solution is to use a plastic bag to freeze food.

First, we will have to wash the leaves well and remove the old parts; that is, all those parts that are a little darker or, in the case of the leaves, withered.

For this process, the knife should not be used, because the steel blade would quickly oxidize the leaves. the correct thing is to eliminate them by tearing them with your hands or with a special ceramic knife for vegetables.

After washing the leaves, rinse them, put them in the bag and before closing it blows some air inside.

Tips for preserving salads – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

The carbon dioxide present when exhaling, if kept in the plastic bag, will help keep the salad fresh for several days.

This solution can also be useful for green temperitos and for all types of vegetables, when they are kept clean and ready for cooking.

Cloth and plate method

The second very useful method to keep vegetables longer is to use a cotton cloth.

Always remembering that, before storing foods such as salad in the refrigerator, it is necessary that the leaves are already very clean, ensuring that all traces of soil and also the yellowish parts have been removed completely.

After having followed this stage of preparation, the vegetables should be rolled in a clean cotton cloth, so that it absorbs completely the excessive humidity, and thus it takes them to the refrigerator.

Tips for preserving salads – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

In the fridge

The refrigerator has different compartments with different functionalities. For vegetables we must use the drawer, that way it will be kept in an environment neither so cold nor so hot.

In fact, the ten degrees centigrade of the last compartment are ideal to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer.

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