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Cheesecake with passion fruit

Sara Manaure
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In the history of confectionery, citrus flavors are the most used in desserts, since they tend to be pleasantly contracted with the sweet cake. Therefore, it is normal to add lemon, which is preferred with vanilla or orange.

This time I bring you a cheesecake with passion fruit to lick your fingers. This fried is well known as passion fruit and provides large amounts of vitamin A and antioxidants.

Cheesecake with passion fruit – Recipes – WebMediums
Cheesecake with cream.

This recipe requires three parts. One for making the base, the other for the cheese layer and the other is that jelly-like sweet left on the top layer.

Everything else is a simple reservation that will take time, but when you finish and taste how rich it has been, you will feel that it has been worth it. Remember to always have all the ingredients on hand. Write down the details and work.


  • 680 grams of cream cheese,

  • 600 grams of condensed milk,

  • 150 milliliters of water,

  • ¾ cup of passion fruit juice,

  • 8 tablespoons of butter,

  • 30 grams of gelatin,

  • 220 grams of vanilla cookies,

  • 500 milliliters of heavy cream.

For the layer of passion fruit...

  • 280 grams of passion fruit pulp,

  • 1 tablespoon of water,

  • 135 grams of white sugar,

  • 1 tablespoon of cornstarch.

  • Removable mold of approximately 26 cm in diameter.

Cheesecake with passion fruit – Recipes – WebMediums
Whisk and cream the cream cheese.

How to make a cheesecake with passion fruit?

As I mentioned, we will divide the preparation into 3 parts to make it easier to explain and do:

For the base of the cake

1. Begin by setting up the mold. This is so that when everything is ready it goes into the oven as quickly as possible. Grease and flour the mold and cover it while mixing.

2. Now, grind or crush the vanilla cookies, this is about 1 and a half packets of cookies. When they're done, add the melted butter. Place this mixture on the base creating a thick layer, but as even as possible.

3. Bake for 10 minutes at 180 °C. While the base is cooking, hydrate the gelatin in 150 milliliters of cold water.

4. At the end of the time, remove from the oven and let cool to continue.

For the cream cheese

5. Now, take the gelatin and dissolve it in the water. Afterwards, it is time to take a bowl and beat the cream cheese until it is creamy. Add the condensed milk and passion fruit juice to the cream cheese.

6. To this mix add just a little gelatin and mix well. Now, take the bowl with the cheese and combine everything until the mixture is homogeneous.

7. Gradually incorporate the heavy cream and integrate well. Now, take the mixture to the base previously cooked and leave in the freezer for at least 8 hours.

For the patch coverage

8. For the coverage, place the sugar and the passion fruit pulp over medium heat. Stir until dissolved. Dilute the cornstarch and in the tablespoon of water and add the mixture of passion fruit and sugar.

9. When it has thickened enough. Remove from heat and let cool. After the time of the cake in the freezer, unmold it and decorate with the topping that you have prepared with passion fruit.

Cheesecake with passion fruit – Recipes – WebMediums
Passion fruit or Parchita citrus fruit of great flavor

Recommendations for a great cheesecake

It is a recipe that does not have any major complications, you should only consider when making it:

  • When hydrating the gelatin, place it in a container with half a glass of water. Mix well and wait 3 minutes. Microwave for 10 seconds at all it takes. And repeat the operation.

  • You can use Marías cookies or if you are more daring, Marilú cookies are the filling.

  • For the mold you can use the same butter or if you prefer oil.

  • Once the base is removed from the mold, you can help yourself with the aluminum pastry sheets that are in the shape of the mold. So you won't worry about adding the patchwork layer that stays in place. Until UE the gelatin I chilled.

Now, this recipe can also be applied to pineapple, even to decorate you can leave the complete pieces of pineapple, the orange segments in syrup. I even buy cans of mixed fruit in syrup.

Peaches are also a good idea until heartless plums can be part of this delicious recipe. Don't hesitate any longer and start surprising everyone with this yummy cake that you can't stop trying.

A great idea is to make the recipe in small molds so that you can apply several toppings and choose among all of them which one is your favorite, if you haven't tried this cake before.

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Pastel de queso con parchita
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