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The best recipe of the Venezuelan Creole pavilion

Stephany Sánchez
6 min read
The best recipe of the Venezuelan Creole pavilion – Recipes – WebMediums
Venezuelan Creole Pavilion

The Creole pavilion recipe is the best to upset your family, clients or loved ones. This is due to the fact that it has very particular properties such as a large amount of protein, carbohydrates and all the minerals it needs, thus making it a complete meal for our well-being.

This recipe comes from the Venezuelan culture. Their plate is made up of rice, shredded meat, black beans and slices of banana. They are currently eaten in other countries, such as Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, and even the United States.

Many Venezuelans emigrated and set up a restaurant or simply started preparing these delicious dishes in different countries, making them choose to eat this delicious traditional dish from Venezuela.

Next, we will explain each step for the preparation of the best pavilion, indicating all the ingredients to use.

Ingredients to use:

Note: Because there are many ingredients, we will divide it by part so that you can better understand it.

Ingredients for the meat:

  • 500 grams of beef.

  • 1 large onion.

  • 1 medium red bell pepper.

  • 3 sweet peppers.

  • 2 cloves of garlic

  • 1 medium branch of coriander.

  • 250 grams of tomato paste.

Ingredients for rice:

  • 250 grams of rice.

  • 500 grams of water.

  • 1 piece of paprika and salt to taste.

Ingredients for its contour:

  • 2 ripe bananas.

  • Oil.

Tips to follow for the preparation of your recipe:

  • To make your pavilion recipe easier to prepare, have all the dressings already chopped and sautéed, so that when you join it with the meat and beans it will be faster to prepare, since this recipe is extensive.

  • Your rice should be loose, that's why you add a little vegetable oil, the beans should finish creamy and the meat with a delicious sauce.

  • At the moment of serving you can do it with cups, or spoons, having a beautiful decoration, in this way you will surprise your consumers even more.

Recipe preparation:

Note: Noting that our delicious pavilion recipe is extensive, we will divide it into 4 phases, in this way to obtain a greater understanding.

Preparation of the meat:

  1. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. There you will introduce the meat, and this must be boiled at a medium temperature for two hours.

  2. Add half an onion and a paprika. Do not let your pot dry out, if necessary add more water to it until your meat is tender.

  3. Ready the meat, remove it from the pot, placing it in a cool place until it can fray.

  4. When our meat is already frayed, it must be placed in a pan with a sauce of all the dressings mentioned above, including the tomato paste.

  5. Finally add salt, spices, cumin, ground pepper and sauces to taste. When it is seasoned and seasoned, let it cook for 30 minutes over low heat, without letting it dry, it should be juicy.

Preparation for the black beans:

  1. Place the beans in a large pot and soak your beans for 1 day, you can add baking soda, so that it softens quickly.

  2. The day you are going to prepare them, throw the water away, and add clean water again for cooking.

  3. Start cooking them over high heat, if necessary you can add more hot water, when our beans are soft, lower the heat and let them cook over low heat.

  4. We heat a frying pan, add a little oil and start adding our chopped dressings and then add them to the beans.

  5. You should check every so often that our beans have a good thickness and flavor. When you are satisfied with this, remove it from the heat.

Rice preparation:

  1. Preheat a pan with a little added oil, carefully add the rice and paprika, start mixing until all your grains are oiled, this will help your rice not to stick.

  2. Add water and necessary salt, cook over high heat until the water rises.

  3. When it is not long before cooking, lower the heat, wait 1 minute, cover the pot and then turn off the heat. This will cause the rice to evaporate and be ready to serve.

Banana preparation:

  1. Heat soybean oil in the pan, with an amount that can submerge the banana slices.

  2. Peel and cut the banana into large, thin slices.

  3. Add the slices to the skillet with oil and let them brown and turn until done. You should cook it over low heat so that they do not burn.

  4. As they have a golden color, remove them from the oil and place it on a plate with absorbent paper, this will reduce the amount of fat it has.

Additional tips from the delicious pavilion recipe:

  • You can add sugar to your beans, giving a different and attractive taste to your palate.

  • To make it different, prepare an extra garlic sauce and then add a little to your meat as an additional topping.

  • Accompany this delicious dish with the juice of your choice.

  • If desired, add an avocado to the outline as well.

Dish variety:


It is made up of rice, meat, banana, black beans and fried egg added to each plate.


It is prepared with grilled arepa instead of rice, meat, beans, bananas and grated cheese.


It is the same recipe of the traditional dish, its difference is that at the moment of serving the banana slices are placed around the plate forming a railing.


The meat is replaced by aubergines, or by thin strips of parboiled banana, it looks similar to that of traditional meat.


They prepare it with the same ingredients as the traditional one, substituting the meat for seafood or fish.

Curiosities of the Creole pavilion:

The pavilion was a typical dish that many slaves ate, uniting all the leftovers from the previous day and preparing this combination during the 18th century. The only thing that was cooked was the banana slices.

Although the dish is from Venezuela, there are states that prepare it in a slightly different way. An example of this is that they add cheese to the banana or make the meat fried and another add coconut to the meat.