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Chickpea flour: uses and properties

Sara Manaure
5 min read

Over time and the effect that many traditional flours have had on people, they have decided to change their habits in order to improve their health. One of those changes has been the recipes with chickpea flour.

It is a radical change in flavor and texture, but without a doubt a delicious flavor to try.

You need to know that, although you can replicate certain flavors, food changes its flavor depending on the ingredients.

In case you still do not get used to the flavor, you can mix the traditional flour with the chickpea flour until you can eat it completely without problems.

Chickpea flour: uses and properties – Recipes – WebMediums
Chickpea flour.

In the following article we will show you what are the benefits of consuming chickpea flour and why it would be interesting to include it in your diet beyond achieving a statuesque figure.

What is chickpea flour?

In itself it is nothing other than very dry legumes. They are crushed or ground in such a way that they acquire a texture similar to those of other cereal flours. These processes are influenced by the type of grain that is ground.

There are coarser and finer grains, which when treated give the grain a more refined texture or acquire an intense yellow color.

In some cultures such as India it is one of the main ingredients of the kitchen. Here you can quickly differentiate the types would be made with common chickpeas and the ones they call kiss.

The flour called besan is made from chana dar chickpeas, which is one of the many variants of chickpea. This has a brown appearance, in general the cocha or skin is removed and when serving the parts.

It is a much finer dough, which gives a denser texture to preparations and has a great ability to hydrate. Also, it is much smoother than most.

Chickpea flour: uses and properties – Recipes – WebMediums

How can you use chickpea flour?

Well, according to the grain and the texture of the flour, they can be applied for breading. How is the case of common flour that is widely used to cover the pieces of fish before frying.

If we talk about flour made from chandar grains, because it is softer it is applied to make tortillas or crepe-type bases, even vegetarian tortillas are better with this type of flour, since its flavor is less bitter.

Recommendations for use and properties

As it is a flour made from the base, you cannot wait for it to behave the same as one would make from common wheat. Because it is gluten-free, it will sponge little and when hydrated it becomes creamy and dense.

It can be used as a substitute for eggs in tortillas and although it does not act the same as wheat flour in pastries it has a very good taste, the best thing is that it does not contain gluten.

From a nutritional point of view, chickpea flour has a lot of fiber, vitamins, vegetables and minerals. Satiates the appetite of the most eaters and is the best substitute flours for its low glycemic index.

Likewise, it provides Omega 6 and has less fat than flours made from nuts that contain high caloric value.

How to incorporate chickpea flour into meals?

Well, this is one of the most interesting questions, since you must first contemplate its flavor. As I have told you, it is a bit bitter, so it is good to mix it.

Chickpea flour: uses and properties – Recipes – WebMediums
  • Either with other ingredients that provide large amounts of flavor or with other flours. You can start by making cookies or tortillas, so you can see what the texture of the dough is like.

  • Over time, you will adapt, and I assure you that you will add large amounts of chickpea flour to your meals. With it, you can make the main dish that is vegan potato or with many vegetables without the use of eggs.

  • To give crunchy textures these flours are also widely used.

  • Also, you can make breads, pizza dough in the oven or in a pan, a version of sweet or savory pancakes that can be combined with many other elements.

  • On the other hand, instead of adding cornstarch, you can use chickpea flour and obtain the same result, but much healthier.

  • You also have the option of making vegetarian burger meatballs.

There are many uses in which this flour can be incorporated. While it helps to shape the figure, only reducing the amounts of wheat also provides many vitamins necessary for the body.

It can be said that this flour can easily replace all cereal flours in a very healthy way. Especially in stew seasons where tradition has often been lost.

Do not wait any longer and go ahead and try foods made with chickpea flour with which you can vary not only your menu but also that of the little ones in the house and those who cannot eat gluten or eggs.