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Delicious homemade mac and cheese

Sara Manaure
5 min read
Delicious homemade mac and cheese – Recipes – WebMediums
Delicious delicacy

Mac and cheese are one of the most consumed dishes in the United States. It is not surprising that it is the first dish that is learned to prepare in this country.

For this reason, I will teach you how to prepare some delicious homemade mac and cheese.

This recipe only takes a few minutes and is very palatable for lunch or dinner.

Without further ado, write down what you need to prepare some delicious macaroni and cheese. In a matter of minutes.


The first thing you have to consider for this dish is the macaroni. These famous macaroni are better known as "elbows" in other parts of the world. That is, a coastal pasta in a semi-circular shape.

So you need for a serving of 4 people 200 grams of macaroni. You should also have 75 grams of ground Parmesan cheese and 100 grams of cheddar cheese as part of the sauce.

In addition, you must have whole milk, about 300 milliliters approximately, a large tablespoon of cornstarch and 30 grams of butter.

On the other hand, you should have a small spoonful of mustard, salt and pepper to taste.

How to prepare macaroni and cheese?

To start, place a pot with water to boil and cover. Once it is boiling, add the salt and the pasta. Remember that this cooking must make the pasta reach a point less than al dente, since then it will go to the oven.

Preparation of the sauce

While the pasta is, start preparing the sauce. This will be an auto béchamel with cornmeal.

To seal, you have to place in a pot, the milk together with the cornmeal or cornstarch. Mix well, and then add the salt, pepper, and mustard.

Now, bring the mixture to a boil over medium heat. With a hand mixer or paddle, do not stop stirring the preparation until it is ready.

When the mixture has become hot, add the butter and continue beating until the sauce is thick.

At this point, lower the heat to low and add the cheddar cheese. Mix well until the cheese is integrated.

Delicious homemade mac and cheese – Recipes – WebMediums

Armed with the macaroni

Once the pasta and sauce are ready, it is time to put them in the oven. For this, choose a heat-resistant bowl that allows it to be incorporated into the oven. Mix the pasta with the cheese and pour everything into the bowl. Then sprinkle plenty of Parmesan cheese over the mixture.

Bake for 15 min at a temperature of 200 ° C. When you see that the cheese has been gratin, wait a few more minutes until it is golden brown. And Voalá! Some homemade mac and cheese ready to enjoy.


On this occasion the main recommendations will go towards making the sauce and choosing the ingredients. As well as other key points for this dish to be yummy.

It is important to know the type of paste to use so that it does not go overboard. Note that it may take a little longer to see that the paste has reached the ideal texture before continuing. The cheese to choose tries to be one that melts, that is, it has enough fat to gratin.

Well, choose the combination you want to even add a little mozzarella cheese, this will give it a little more flavor.

Also consider if diners are allergic to any type of cheese before making the combination of cheeses.

Delicious homemade mac and cheese – Recipes – WebMediums


Remember that since it is a béchamel type, you must pay attention to its preparation so you cannot leave the kitchen.

Whisk constantly or wait for it to come to a boil, stir and wait for the second boil again.

If the milk you chose does not have a lot of fat, it may require adding a little more cornstarch for which species.

Now, don't let it get too thick because it will be a topic later to incorporate everything into the macaroni.

Although it is a kind of bechamel, it must have the right texture so that the sauce runs throughout the pasta.

If the diners are adults you can add a little more pepper and give the dish a special touch.


Once prepared you can refrigerate or store in the fridge for 2 to 3 days without it being damaged. Because it is a satisfying meal, you can make it for the rest of the week. It is enough to heat in the microwave or in a pan with a little water.

Cooking time

It will depend on the pasta and your skill in the kitchen.

Take your time, the secret of this simple dish is the tenor of the ingredients.

If the pasta runs a bit, don't worry, try to cool it down and make it feel clear again when it is in the oven.


Being short pasta, the macaroni yield a lot.

If this you add the amount of cheese applied, it is recommended that you serve rational portions so that they will not leave. Although if you are lovers of pasta there may not be for later.

How you will see is a super simple, practical and fun recipe to make. Rest assured that you will please young and old with these delicious macaroni and cheese. This would be the Latin American version of pasta Sundays.

The difference is that instead of sauce with meat it is made with milk and cheese. Which is also very economical and easy to do. Dare to save a little time and entertain your family with this different dish.