Fast and easy-to-prepare peasant cake

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Fast and easy-to-prepare peasant cake – Recipes – WebMediums
A rich dish

The cakes are a very delicious dish that does not require much preparation time. They are a great option to make the little ones of the house.

You can do it for a sharing, to eat as a family or to take to work. Dare to make a change in your routine with this fast and easy-to-prepare peasant cake.

In the following article we will give you all the details and recommendations so that it surprises your family with this traditional and effective recipe. Do not waste more time and scored everything you need for your preparation.

Fast and easy-to-prepare peasant cake – Recipes – WebMediums
Easy and very rich


In this opportunity, the recipe will have two parts. In one, you will prepare the dough and in another what is going to fill.

To prepare the mass

You have to get 400 grams of flour, 200 grams of butter, 2 eggs and a little salt.

For the filling

You need to have 3 onions, 4 sheets of acelga, garlic tooth and parsley. Also, have 300 grams of sausage meat, 200 grams of ground beef and 1 hint of thyme.

Similarly, you must have 50 grams of butter, 1 egg, 2 small tablespoons of milk cream, salt and pepper the taste.

Preparation of fast and easy peasant cake

As the preparation was mentioned, it is divided into two parts. Both require particular attention, so it is advisable to read the recipe for times before starting.

To Massa

In a bolt sufficiently sieved flour and salt, make a space in the center and add butter and eggs. Keep in mind that butter should be in pieces and cool.

Now, love very well until you have mixed all the ingredients and remains a homogeneous mass. Let stand in the mold and tape with a cloth.

For the filling

Now, with the mass ready, it is time to prepare the internal part of the cake. Food stying onion on finite pieces and well chopped, take the pan with butter and sauté with the high flame.

When you see that the onion begins crystallizing and taking color incorporates the ground beef and sausage. Then, sauté for a while, add the chopped acelong sheet into small pieces, along with the garlic tooth and chopped parsley.

Mixtures with a wooden palette and leave on the fire until the sailment is deshanging. While batting the eggs and mixing with milk.

At this point where the chard is well cooked, remove the mixture from the fire and add the cream of milk with the eggs. Before finishing, add salt and pepper to taste.

Armed of the cake

While this cools, choose a mold of the way you want to make the cake and let me. Grab three quarters of the previously prepared mass.

Estimate it with the help of a roller or somewhat cylindrical that lets you stretch the dough evenly, so you can cover the chosen mold. Once the mass of the base is placed on the mold, it incorporates the filling.

Now, it is time for style the rest of the dough and covers the cake. Make sure to seal the edges well. Paint the cake with a little game and with a fork dole hollow.

Take the oven for 30 minutes at 350 °C Wait for Dore and take out from the oven. Then, let cool before serving.

Fast and easy-to-prepare peasant cake – Recipes – WebMediums
Share this delicious dish


According to the diners that are to taste this dish, certain variants can be made. Between them:


To perform the stuffle stuffing you can use oil instead of butter, as well as for the mold. When you go to incorporate the garlic you can crush it and then cut so that the flavor goes easier.

The amount of pepper to be used will depend on your liking. You can even add spicy sauce or everything from spicy well finite so that it reaches the entire mix.


It may instead of meat use chicken, bacon or other type of meat. Even, you can use only sautéed vegetables with soybeans and garlic, and it is spectacular.

Armed of the cake

It is important that the edges of both parts of the mass, that of the base and that of the lid, come together correctly. To do this, remember when you stretch the mass, it must be bigger than the mold so that it can cover the walls thereof.

This will depend on each mold. Before adding the dough, make sure the mold has a good amount of fat, not accumulated, but well scattered throughout the corners. These will prevent it from sticking when it is in the oven.


The fast and easy-preparing peasant cake can be served as a main course, as it is a portion that fills and satisfies the palate. According to the ingredients of the filling can accompany by salads or fittings.

Now, it can act by making funny forms with the dough, such as animal shapes, adding noses and eyes. Also, place some sheets that emulate flowers is a great option.

As long as they make the cake so that they look more attractive than it is sometation options.


This paste can well be prepared from one day to another without any problem. It can be frozen or stored in the refrigerator. By reheating, you only need from a pan or a few minutes in the microwave.

Remember to place a water cup or add a water splash so that the dough is hydrated and the inside can be heated without burning the base of the cake.

This recipe is great for the little ones in the house, so you can incorporate vegetables and the little ones will eat them. You can prepare it to take you to a field afternoon, work of work or for a meeting.

It is very versatile and can be chopped with many variants of fun and easy-to-get ingredients. In addition, you can make fun designs on the top of the cake, even with the same mass adding noses, eyes and other fun forms.

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