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How to make honey bread?

The best recipe to make yummy honey bread

Sara Manaure
5 min read
How to make honey bread? – Recipes – WebMediums
Honey Bread

For bread lovers, this time I bring you a yummy honey bread that you cannot miss. This bread will take on a texture similar to Tunja bread, but with much more flavor thanks to the effects of honey.

Very delicious to eat with milk, coffee or cocoa, or simply to have a hearty slice of bread. No matter how you decide to eat it, this bread is great, quick, and easy to make.

Take a pencil and paper so that you do not lose any detail of this delicious bread, especially the recommendations so that you achieve a perfect preparation.

How to make honey bread? – Recipes – WebMediums

Ingredients to make the honey bread

To make the honey bread you will need:

  • 40 grams of brewer's yeast

  • 1 teaspoon malt

  • You will need 600 grams of flour

  • Half a teaspoon of salt

  • 300 grams of warm milk.

Likewise, you must have 150 grams of sugar and butter. Also, you need 100 grams of honey, 4 eggs, 2 small tablespoons of vanilla essence and 1 small tablespoon of cinnamon.

Preparation of yummy honey bread

To prepare this yummy honey bread you must start by dissolving the yeast together with the malt and warm milk.

Then, you must add the flour and mix well. The dough will be loose so you have to let it rest in the bowl, covering it with a cloth.

Apart, place the eggs, honey, sugar, vanilla and cinnamon in a bowl. Take it to a bain-marie and mix everything until the preparation takes on a fluffy texture.

At this point, remove from the heat and incorporate the melted and warm butter. Now, in a large enough bowl, place the mixture and add the flour, place the yeast and eggs in the middle of the bread little by little.

At this time you should undo the yeast bun with the liquids and take the flour to beat for approximately 15 minutes. The dough should be loose like bubble gum.

When you have obtained this texture, let the dough rest until it increases twice in size.

Then, butter and flour a tall mold and place the preparation inside. Let it rest for 2 hours. Once the time is up, take the mold to the oven at medium temperature for approximately 40 minutes.

Take out and wait for it to cool to unmold and that's it! A delicious bread to cut into slices and accompany in an afternoon with a hot drink.

How to make honey bread? – Recipes – WebMediums


This is a traditional bread recipe only with the delicious touch of honey. However, this ingredient gives it a different texture so you should consider:


The malt and brewer's yeast cannot be absent, the fluffiness of the preparation will depend on them. The temperature of the other ingredients also intervenes in this process.

So try either in the milk or the malt to use it warm to motivate the reaction of the yeast.

In the same way, remember to knead very well with each ingredient that you incorporate so that you not only give heat to the mixture but also achieve the required homogeneity.

Preparation times

You must wait the time required for the yeast to take effect in each process and fluff the dough. Both at the beginning and at the end you have to wait for the yeast to react with the ingredients.

The time in the oven is 40 minutes, however, after 35 minutes you can evaluate the state of cooking with a toothpick or knife.

To evaluate the doneness you can use a thin toothpick (tall) and gently poke on any edge to verify that the mixture is ready internally cooked.

How to make honey bread? – Recipes – WebMediums

At the time of taking to the oven

If you forgot to save a little butter to flour the mold, do not hesitate to use a little oil.

Make sure the surface is well covered before adding the flour. Remember that once the mold is floured, you must remove the excess remaining flour to prevent the bread from being toasted.

On the other hand, when placing the dough in the mold, try not to occupy all the space. Keep in mind that this bread will expand and the idea is to give it space for movement.

Different molds

It is necessary to use several molds, during the preparation so that they do not take remains of the ingredients.

Remember that the molds must be completely dry, since some liquid residue can change the texture of the mixture.

This recipe is recommended to prepare in quantity, between about 5 or 6 loaves, or failing that, the capacity of your oven, since beyond its excellent and delicious flavor it takes time to make.

In addition, you can enjoy it at any time and easily store in a cool place with a cloth on top.

You can easily send for a snack or to share at work. Without a doubt it is an experience that you cannot stop living. With the preparation of this yummy honey bread you will surprise more than one so dare to try it.