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How to make sugar-free cheesecakes?

Sara Manaure
5 min read

For those who believe that desserts are only sweetened with white sugar or those who have limited themselves to trying a delicious dessert due to some condition, I bring you a great recipe that you can taste without affecting your health.

Sugar -free cheesecakes are a delicacy few have had the joy of trying. In an environment where we seek to preserve health, you do not have to risk traditional recipes and prepare this delicious recipe.

How to make sugar-free cheesecakes? – Recipes – WebMediums
Strawberry cheesecakes.

It is because of this type of dishes that it is easier to maintain the diet and give yourself a delicious taste. You will be able to preserve your figure and your health, and it will also be able to give you a taste, because what this dish overflows is flavor.

In addition, by maintaining your physical appearance, it is possible to improve your living conditions, since you would be avoiding cardiovascular and diabetic problems. This if you manage to implement a low sugar diet of course.

What does this sugar-free cheesecake offer you?

An excellent alternative to what you should not eat. If for any reason some food has been contraindicated, or you have decided to make important changes in your diet, do not roll.

Find the recipes that go with you and learn how to substitute foods. The truth is not that you eliminate them completely, since the body needs the calories from carbohydrates, the thing is to know how to combine foods.

This is not learned overnight, it takes only a short time until you get used to it and who takes it away, you become the king or queen of processed sugar-free food.

This dessert is very healthy and everyone can like it, so don't limit yourself. Even the most demanding palates will succumb to the delicious taste of these sugar-free cheesecakes.

There are those who like to accompany it with a cup of natural chocolate or cinnamon. Both with the minimum required calories. In addition, it is simple and quick to prepare.

So look no further for excuses or suffer from not eating certain foods. Find out what this preparation deserves and let's get to work! To please your palate.


  • Strawberries and blueberries,

  • Orange zest,

  • 1 egg white,

  • 3 milliliters of vanilla,

  • 5 grams of powdered sweetener,

  • 2 eggs,

  • 50 grams of skim cheese,

  • 125 grams of natural yogurt.

Step by step of the cheesecakes

1. The first thing is that you take a very deep bowl. Mix the cheese, eggs, yogurt and egg white.

2. Mix until uniform and add the vanilla and sweetener. Keep mixing until you see that the preparation has taken on a bit of texture.

3. Now, you must locate the individual molds or torteras where you plan to serve, but that can be taken to the oven. Cover the base with non-stick paper and pour the mixture and bake for 20 minutes at 180 °C.

4. When the time is up, turn off the oven and let it rest in the oven unopened.

5. Once cool, remove from the mold with the help of a spatula or knife, seeking to maintain the complete shape. And Voalá! Some delicious milk cakes.

At the time of serving you can accompany by fresh fruits or if you consider appropriate, for the dryness of the dessert you can use warm chocolate, cinnamon or skim milk.

How to make sugar-free cheesecakes? – Recipes – WebMediums

When to prepare these cupcakes?

Well at all times. It's great for morning or afternoon snacks. For an afternoon of homework with the group gathered or to enjoy private training.

You don't have to look for the perfect moment, as this cupcake can fit into any part of your day.

This recipe pays off and is very tasty. As you will see, it has not taken us more than 1 hour to prepare it. So you can apply it for those unexpected visits, just make sure you have everything on hand.

Also, it's great if you have the kids bring a piece to school. Especially in those cases where they will distribute sweets and the little one cannot eat.

How to keep it?

According to your creativity you could make individual preparations and gradually take them out for your children to eat, but keep in mind that kept at room temperature for up to 3 days they can last.

Remember that it has eggs and these usually manifest at that time. I'm not telling you that it will get bad, but it can take on a more egg flavor.

For everything else, leave the buts and start making the dietary change in your life that you need so much, with these delicious recipes low in calories and sugar.

Cooking is a way of giving a little piece of love to each person who eats from your dish, so if the food is very healthy, you would be giving them more love and care. Dare and tell us how it went or if you decided to make a change.