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Artists Jin and JiU were crowned visual king and queen dominating the first top spots of Forbes korea

Luis Rafael
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Jin and JiU were delegates in the best visuals. Find out who joined these symbols in ranking the most charming in the K-pop industry here.

Jin has been delegated as the visual ruler of K-pop by and by, however, this time from Forbes Korea. The news source uncovered a piece of the aftermath of the overview open to the wider society on Idol Champ, and the substance of BTS stands out in the shiny new number one.

'Mr. Overall Handsome ', as the 28-year-old big name Korean calls himself for the title he earned in 2019, collected 36.74 percent of the leanings in the survey conducted from August 30 to September 13. Ten male superstars were registered as chosen persons.

What was the final product? The full rankings will be distributed in the October 2021 issue of Forbes Korea and on the news source's true YouTube channel. In the meantime, check out the top 4 standout individuals from Stray Kids, EXO, and ASTRO here.

Visual king of K-pop

4. Lee Know from Stray Kids

His genuine name is Lee Min Ho, he was brought into the world on October 25, 1998 so he is currently 22 years old in global age.

3. EXO's Suho

Kim Junmyeon is EXO's leader and one of the icons with the longest learning time. The 30-year-old artist is currently on military assistance.

2. Cha Eunwoo from ASTRO

Lee Dong Min, 24-year-old icon and entertainer. The media in his country know him as a "visual virtuoso."

1. Jin from BTS

The BTS part is a repeating figure in the rankings for magnificence and style. He is currently 28 years old.

Visual queen of K-pop

Forbes Korea held an Idol Champ vote to locate K-pop's visual sovereign, and in this ranking, Dreamcatcher's JiU was ahead with 45.83 percent of audience engagement, which equates to 22,127. votes in total.

BLACKPINK's Jennie, TWICE's Nayeon, CLC's Yujin, and Red Velvet's Joy also took the top spots. See how the suffocating symbols fared here.

5. Yujin from CLC

Choi Yujin is a 25-year-old craftsman who, after appearing on CLC, is looking for another shot at K-fly as a competitor to Girls Planet 999.

4. Red Velvet's Happiness

Park Sooyoung is a 25-year-old icon and cheerleader. After appearing as a freelance artisan with "Hi", she was noted as truly newsworthy in the wake of affirming her relationship with rapper Crush.

3. BLACKPINK's Jennie

Jennie Kim, 25 years old is in third place. She is known as the "it young lady" of her age and is a figure of Chanel and Calvin Klein.

2. TWICE's Nayeon

Im Nayeon is a TWICE person. He will turn 26 (global age) in September, so his fans are preparing relief projects.

1. Dreamcatcher JiU

At 167cm tall and with an extraordinary stage presence, the Dreamcatcher boss took the top spot in positioning

Awarded for K-pop Visuals on Forbes Korea

In this year the winners were Jin and JiU, obtaining the first positions in these amazing awards and dazzling the public. The award for the winners of this event is an advertisement in Forbes Korea magazine and a unique article for winning the Idol Champ poll. It is important to mention that this is a surprising feat for both artists and they wanted this very much, it is an honor for both of them to have been able to get this decoration and they are satisfied with the results.

Thousands of artists in this region aspire to dominate in the K-pop Visuals in Forbes Korea, since they are one of the most relevant awards in the country and thousands of people attend this event.

Who is Jin?

Jin is the top, entertainer, artist, and official visual for BTS, the world's top boyband. At 28, in addition to being an iconic craftsman, he is also an entertainer and model.

In 2020, he caused quite a stir among netizens when his "cosmetic and unaltered" photograph of the popular 'Digestive tract Soup' was discovered. This photo taker is known in fan culture for capturing and discovering photos of VIPs from the natural neighborhood.

The artist of BTS Jin is 27 years old, he is 179 cm and weighs 60 kg, the blood classification is O, Sagittarius zodiac sign, Chinese horoscope monkey, Korean and Mandarin dialects, he has two epithets Princess Rosa and Princess Jin due to their tone # 1 is pink. His family consists of guardians and more experienced brother.

In 2019 Kim Seok Jin of the South Korean band was seen as the most attractive man on the planet, this choice was made through an entrance study in the k-pop class, said review was named as "Mr Worldwide Handsome 2019" in which the vocalist won the main position with 444,448 votes beating VIPs like Harry Styles, Zac Efron, Zayn Malik, among others.

Who is JiU from Dreamcatcher?

Kim Min Ji, also called JiU, is a 27-year-old Korean vocalist, musician, and artist. Currently, she is the leader of the girlband Dreamcatcher. She is one of the most relevant artists in Korea today, she has earned the friendship of all her fans and has an incredible effect on the Asian continent.

All the influence he has has helped him to dominate the K-pop Visuals on Forbes Korea and take the top spot at these incredible awards. Thus, appearing in Forbes magazine, one of the most important and most viewed magazines in the entire Asian continent, after so much effort, JiU achieved the expected results.


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