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Rosé's story in Blackpink

Fermín Gómez
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Blackpink member Rosé has given a lot to talk about. Especially for his recent appearance at the 2021 Met Gala in Manhattan. And it is that it is not only the talent that he shows in each project of the girlband, but it is also the natural beauty that he possesses.

In the following article, we will give details of the merits, accolades and history of this K-pop artist. Do not miss any detail that surely there are a few tips that you did not know.

Roots of Rosé

K-pop superstar Rosé is named Roseanne Park. The artist who was born in Auckland, New Zealand, on the 11th day of February, 1997. She has stood out as a model, dancer, singer and author of her own songs.

Born to South Korean parents, the artist has an older sister. At just 7 years old, he moved to Melbourne. She completed her primary studies at Kew East and her secondary studies at Canterbury Girls Secondary College in Melbourne.

From a very young age she began to show talents for singing, since she belonged to the church choirs. In addition, he accompanied the songs with the first knowledge of the art of playing the piano and the guitar.

During 2012, Rosé participated in a contest run by YG Entertainment, with the support of her parents. In this audition the singer obtained the first place among the 700 applicants who presented themselves.

A couple of months later he signs with YG Entertainment, and goes to Seoul. This opportunity came as a surprise for Rosé, since due to the distance in which she lived, I never imagined that she could become a K-pop singer.

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Rosé in Blackpink

Once she signed with the company, the artist dedicated herself to studying for 4 years. One of his first presentations was made during the year 2012, in which he participated in the song " Whitout You " included in the first G-Dragon EP.

At first they did not mention his name in the participation of the subject, but until later when his intervention in the next band of the company was announced.

The song managed to position itself at number 15 on the Billboard k-pop Hot 100 chart and at number 10 on South Korea's Galon Music Chart.

Rosé's debut with Blackpink

Blackpink is a girl band that formed in 2016 under the sponsorship of YG Entertainment. That year, the label released Rosé's participation in the band Blackpink to the public.

On August 8 of that year he participated in a CD containing the songs " Boombayah " and " Whistle ".

After the premiere of Blackpink, Rosé's talent certainly stood out to the point that she was invited to numerous TV shows. Her participation was quite accepted by the public despite the doubts that the artist had about her vocal qualities.

On the other hand, Rosé was part of the Fantastic Duo program. His true intention was to reveal his vocal characteristics because it really is very different when he performs solo than what is shown when he performs the songs in a group.

Rosé's voice timbre is very particular in the K-pop genre.

First single album

Already in 2020, the YG Entertainment label informed the public that the singer would have her solo participation, after the premiere of Blackpink's first full album.

At the end of 2020, it was announced that he was working on the recording of the promotional video for Rosé's debut as a solo artist.

At the end of January 2021, the label announced the premiere of Rosé's solo. In addition, he indicated that the material would be shown exclusively during the band's online concert. The first song the singer released was " Gone ".

Some recognitions of Rosé's single album

This performance produced hundreds of reactions on social networks, fortunately all positive for the singer. In March Rosé's official debut was finally given, with the theme " R " and the promotional theme " On the Ground ".

After the audiovisual release of the song " On The Ground ", new numbers were recorded for the band. Reaching almost 42 million views in 24 hours. This represents a record for the group, leaving behind the 38 million that PSY obtained with its subject " Gentleman ".

Just seven days later, Rosé's video garnered 100 million views, setting the tone for solo singers of the genre. As if that weren't enough, the song reached the number one spot on the Billboard Global 200 and Global Excel charts. US

For its part “R”, it established a record in the highest sales during the first week of the launch, selling approximately 500,000 copies. In addition, it reached the 70th place on the Billboard Hot 100.

Among other things, Rosé's solo album reached 1,170 thousand copies in China by QQ Music. Likewise, it sold 200 thousand physical copies.

For April, Rosé is awarded the Guinness World Record Award for breaking the record for the most views of a video on YouTube in the first 24 hours.

Rosé's musical inspiration

After a radio interview, Rosé indicated that Taeyang was a role model. Likewise, within Rosé's list of inspiration are Rihanna and Tori Kelly for their musical style.

As already mentioned, she has a very particular tone of voice. In this sense, another model for Rosé, Gummy, confirmed that the tone of her voice is one of the favorites for young people today.

These are some of the awards and recognition that Rosé has obtained together with Blackpink. But Rosé's talent is not only limited to music, also, her skills as a model should be mentioned, since in the past and today she is the image of the cover of recognized magazines.

Recently, she was invited to participate in the Met Gala, along with CL as representatives not only of the k-pop genre but of South Korean culture as a whole. Her beauty and spectacular outfit continue to be talked about to this day.

And the fact is that the talent of this artist goes much further, it is multifaceted. And it is that talent that has allowed the genre to advance steadily, as it has in recent years. Opening paths for his other K-pop colleagues in territories not yet explored by them.

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Historia de Rosé en Blackpink
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