Squid game and k-pop

Fermín Gómez
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We have a resounding success of Netflix, which is flooding social networks: “The squid game”, which combines a fine social criticism, which we have already seen in movies like “Parasites” with a sample of how fragile is a System that we tend to idealize those who live in developing countries.

What is the reason for the success of this series? Well, you know, the only thing that we have left is the assumption, the morbid, the sadism. The feeling of how we identify with economic problems, maybe it is a sample that each time we feel closest and most real.

Was we capable of risking everything we have left to have a better future? Maybe we do not know it for sure, but we are sure that several of our neighbors would be aimed at these games. While we do not know how many they would have barely see and live in their own flesh, the first dangers.

In South Korea we have another very different reality from the Western world that for several years it is launching successes to the whole world: it is the magical k-pop, which has given A great surprise destroying Western idols and introducing themselves increasingly constantly in the tastes of the entire globe.

The k-pop is creating a different culture, where the bands are becoming the kings of social networks, and we know that, currently, who governs networks, governs the whole world. That is one of the so many changes introduced by globalization.

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The groups that would be selected

Taking advantage of the success of netflix, let's imagine that game between the new groups of K-POP, just by mentioning some:Ciipher, Blitzers, About U, NTX, Omega X, Purple Kiss, Godes, Sigma, Tea Party, Lightsum, Mirae, and Wow.

Many young people who would do whatever it is to become stars, which would make a reality that would combine fashion music, with the fashion series and many young influencers who are already receiving the attention of the whole world. Maybe, that fury would replicate between his fans, but who knows.

And let's not forget the million-dollar question, who would win? Complicated question, considering that all southern Korean males are forced to do military service.

That mandatory act gives them a plus in the art of survival and greater physical abilities. In the case of women, they would have the most complicated contest, since they are not obliged to perform military service. If it were Israelites it would be another story.

Within Ciipher, our bet would be for so. After all, it has physical abilities above average. Considering that almost all its members left realities of singing and dance. So, we assume that they are competitive and at least they are in good physical condition.

As for the band Blitzers, we think that whoever has more chances of winning could be Juhan, by his hobby to the Tae Kwon Do. Although we do not forget that all this is a mere speculation.

Within About U, definitely our bet is by Víctor. If you are a fan of the band you will know why. Although we must also consider that breaking some tumblers do not immediately make it an aggressive rockstar, or what we consider according to Western models. Where in traditional bands, until those who appear to be the most harmless and innocent are capable of launching themselves to the public, driven by the adrenaline that springs around in a live concert.

Inside omega x, we bet on everyone. You must consider that they are “Recycled” by saying it elegantly. And something have done for having a second chance.

Now, if we give so many points to this last group, we have to take away from others.

We must consider that the world of the K-Pop is extremely stressful and competitive in South Korea. So arrive twice to be part of a group with great projections and chances of success, it means that they are people who know how to take advantage of the opportunities, so they have many possibilities to turn out to be the winners.

Other groups that could give some surprise

Inside Purple Kiss, for the truth, we do not see much future. We consider that they would be the first to bite dust. Maybe this is an appreciation that may sound like a misogyrian, but we are realistic, no one could believe that dancing and colorful choreographies give them many survival options. Although you never know.

Inside Godes, I think we could rescue YE Jin. We consider that your hobby for mountaineering can be of great help in this game. Although they could criticize that we are only making appreciations according to the physical basis and not considering mental strength. But we must remember that all are parts of the same world, and we believe that they have the same interests, so we could say that they are couples in that aspect.

As a band Sigma, we can say colloquially that these Japanese are brought. If you have ever thought who can be more resistant: if a Japanese or a Korean, we believe that this event can be a good place to take away that doubt at once and forever. We would bet on the group leader:Z-UK.

Within Tea Party, we believe that it is a small group that is only known for a few performances. In this case, we do not see much future either. Even it can be considered as weaker than purple kiss.

In the case of lightsum, we consider that it is another group that we would not bet or go in favor of the most remote probability. We believe that they would only be part of the “filling” that we need to have a considerable number of participants.

Within Mirae, we dare to say that it is a group of k-pop of which we do not have much information and does not give us greater security. We believe that they would not go from the first minutes of the game, but one never knows what can happen.

Inside wow, because we can rescue that it has another type of profile. For your selection, the action was prioritized. And we all know that the actors are chameleon beings, so in this case I think someone could be a possible winner. But our bet is by the band as a whole, not by a character individually.

Some particular details of the squid game

After giving some approaches from who can win or not, let's concentrate on the game. In many other countries, it is best known as “Traffic light”. In which there is a person in front of him who is alternating between the red and green words.

When he looks at the front says Green, and everyone moves. When he turns red, and the other players must remain motionless. If they move, they lose. Simple rules for a children's game.

In the series of netflix, which is based on that game and as it is practiced in South Korea, some drawings are made on the floor, and you can see a kind of Giant doll in the center.

If anyone is encouraged to carry it out in practice and set up a business on the subject, because it could be very successful. Weapons of paintball or airsoft can be used, if they want to put a little more realism.

On the other hand, we consider that in South Korea, should innovate a little more. Since we see many reality competitions based solely on music and singing. But putting the emphasis on another focus, could contribute to renew a little more the musical and artistic landscape in general.