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Best of The Fact Music Awards 2021

Luis Rafael
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The well-known Korean awards show TMA 2021 is back with another internet-based launch, allowing free entry to all K-pop fans.

The Fact Music Awards 2021, possibly the most anticipated show for K-pop fans, which has come to an end.

Since its first launch in 2019, the TMAs have added specialists to the extension of the Korean wave or Hallyu. Among its top winners for the 2021 version are BTS, SUPER JUNIOR, ASTRO, SEVENTEEN, and others.

Best of The Fact Music Awards 2021 – Showbiz – WebMediums
TMA 2021

TMA 2021 LineUp

Top Hallyu artists made their big appearance at TMA 2021 to enchant global audiences with their music. Very JUNIOR, Stray Kids, ITZY, Hwang Yi Chul, and BTS were essential to the amazing arrangement.

BTS performances at TMA 2021

BTS's setlist consisted of the world hits " Boy with luv ", "Butter" and "Permission to dance", the latter two performed unprecedented in Korean shows since their particular installments.

Closing honors with BTS

As the big winner of the night, BTS says goodbye to the TMA 2021 to the rhythm of "Butter". Although Bangtan was unable to finish performing their melody on this part of the show as the music was dropped, they closed with a flourish by being acclaimed via web media.

The accolade goes to BTS!

BTS makes that grand appearance for the fifth time at TMA 2021 to get a celebratory one, however, this time the most longed-for daesang or grant of the night.

Bangtan stands firm as the huge victor in this ranking since the honors were established in 2019.

"Butter" and "Permission to dance" sound at the TMA 2021

In a purple-lit phase, the tone that directs them, BTS also performs their last two unprecedented English hits for the Korean occasion: "Butter" and "Permission to dance."

It's BTS's turn!

BTS finally makes his essence felt as a montage craftsman. The septet that composes another set of experiences in world music opens its show with " Boy with luv ". In contrast to his standard exposures of this tune, Bangtan does not budge at his remarkable movement.

Best of The Fact Music Awards 2021 – Showbiz – WebMediums

SEVENTEEN before the public

The best animators in the world of TMA 2021 are the penultimate to accept the stage as editing specialists. One of the melodies they featured in their moving display was " Ready to love."

BTS wins the "Listener's Choice".

Facilitated by the famous Kim Seon Ho, BTS accepts their fourth honor of the night at TMA 2021. This is on the Listener's Choice 'ranking. Hobi and Jungkook are responsible for showing their appreciation to the fans in the speech.

Super JUNIOR wins the World Icon

Third honor of the night for SUPER JUNIOR. The K-pop titans accept their new accolade from Celeb Five. In their speech, they make more of a face with a lone reference to Squid game, the Korean Netflix series that is clearing the world.

Stray Kids and ITZY light up the TMAs

It's Stray Kids' opportunity in front of the public! The boyband is one of the last bets of the agreement and, in their exceptionally awaited exhibition, they intrigue with a remix of melodies of the most diverse classifications that is delegated with "Thunderous", their most recent title track.

ITZY is not far behind. The accomplices of the SKZ organization open their show with the worldwide hit "Mafia in the morning".

SEVENTEEN, the best animators in the world

SEVENTEEN is the reasonable champion in the category of best artists in the world. Here, the set led by S.Coups.

Best of The Fact Music Awards 2021 – Showbiz – WebMediums
TMA 2021

BTS and their bonsang

Bangtan keeps clearing. Inseparably with his beloved partner Park Hyung Sik, V is awarded the Craftsman of the Year bonsang for their reunion. Jungkook, the maknae, is one of the individuals who presides over expressions of appreciation for ARMY.

ITZY receives the bonsang

ITZY makes that grand appearance to accept their bonsang award for artist of the year. Shortly, the girlband will return to perform three of their hits, including the recently delivered "LOCO".

ASTRO, Oh My Girl and Hwang Chi Yeul

The fabulous closing of TMA 2021 is getting closer and closer. In the meantime, as a component of the stunt arrangement, ASTRO, Oh My Girl, and Hwang Chi Yeul wowed with their abilities.

BTS setlist at TMA 2021

As indicated by dfunde, Bangtan will perform three of their greatest hits around the night. These are "Kid with luv", "Margarine" and "Authorization to move".

ASTRO, Oh My Girl, and SEVENTEEN reunite their bonsangs

Profits from ASTRO, Oh My Girl, and SEVENTEEN are honored at TMA with the bonsang for Craftsman of the Year. All three reunions were hosted by Lovers of the red sky stars Ahn Hyo Seop and Gong Myung.

BTS adds the honor of U + IDOL LIVE to their collection

Bangtan takes home the U + IDOL LIVE Notoriety Scholarship. The septet is the main honorary champion in the second segment of TMA 2021's core business.

Lim Young Woong and the best of his collection

Acclaimed Lim Young Woong makes that grand appearance at TMA 2021 to please fans around the world with heartfelt ditties. "My brilliant love" was essential to the song list in this segment of the entertainment ceremony.

What time did BTS perform?

The 2021 Fact Music Awards will run until past 12 PM on Sunday 3 (KST) and it is normal for BTS to close the show with an incredible performance that includes their latest hits.

TXT receives the bonsang from your office

TOMORROW X TOGETHER was awarded the Craftsman of the Year bonsang, but failed to get his award. For this, the quintet expressed their gratitude through a welcome video.

SUPER JUNIOR and its guaranteed touch performance

As guaranteed, fans will now be able to appreciate SUPER JUNIOR's long-awaited performance from the highest point on The Fact.

In addition to performing from the roof of the venue, unsurprisingly, Heechul flaunts his drumming skills in this remix of the hits presented by the reunion.

Best of The Fact Music Awards 2021 – Showbiz – WebMediums
TMA 2021 Awards

On the other hand, it also highlights Donghae's medical problem. Regarding the point. His office announced hours earlier that he had experienced a knee injury and that is why he would not be performing on the honor trail, however he would join the exhibit from a health seat.

BTS's speech

"We won an award again thanks to ARMY. We will say hello Hello, we are BTS ! It has been so long since we saw ARMY, it seems we have said it about 500 times. I love you !: We love you! Thank you for voting for us!"

It was BTS's thank you message after getting the FAN N STAR. Here, the acclaimed septet as it makes its way down the path of honor of The Fact Music Awards 2021.


SUPER JUNIOR continues to reign supreme in the rankings of the fervent FAN N STAR reunion by casting a vote, while Hwang Chi Yeul raised the honor separately. Here are the photos of their festivals.

BTS manages to position itself Top World with TMA 2021

True to form, BTS is the most anticipated manifestation of the release. This is demonstrated by its quality in the number 2 of the world patterns with the hashtags # BTSat2021TMA.

While ATEEZ, Weeekly and CRAVITY intrigue world audiences with their exhibitions, The Fact Music Awards 2021 takes control of Twitter patterns in Peru.

ENHYPEN's speech

In case they missed ENHYPEN's speech, a fan translated: "Hello, we are ENHYPEN ! First of all, thank you to everyone at The Fact Music Awards for giving us such a valuable award, and we want to thank Engenes who loves us and encourages us before anyone else. The first award we received after debut was the 'Next Leader' award from here, so I think the awards feel very special to us. year 'we get this time feels even cooler, we will become an Enhypen promoting as cool as that. Thank you! "

Best of The Fact Music Awards 2021 – Showbiz – WebMediums
BTS band

It should be noted that the septet is alluding to the achievement they achieved last year by obtaining the ROTY scholarship (next pioneer) only 12 days after its presentation (intact album).

SUPER JUNIOR is the artist of the year

K-pop titans SUPER JUNIOR are praised with bonsang. In his speech, given by Shindong and Yesung, there was no shortage of jokes and expressions of thanks to ELF and Lee Soo Man.

The reunion with over 15 years of directing, like Kang Daniel, received the award from Kim Bum and Son Na Eun.