Baekhyun confirms EXO's comeback after SuperM's debut

Cristian García
2 min read

Famous EXO member and, additionally, SuperM member Baekhyun has revealed that EXO would be returning to the stage by the end of this year. In this way, said K-pop group would be making their comeback once SuperM makes its debut on October 4. Therefore, his fans or EXO L s have been excited about this event.

Baekhyun confirms EXO's comeback after SuperM's debut – Showbiz – WebMediums

The entire announcement was made on a live broadcast, where the idol indicated that EXO would start recording their next album starting next week. Speculation has already begun about whether it will be a Christmas or winter concept album. Even so, no new details have been released regarding this comeback of the SM Entertainment group.

Baekhyun reveals that EXO will start recording their new album starting next week

Baekhyun's live broadcast was a bit short and the idol was in a car. Still, he managed to give new details about EXO and SuperM. What has surprised the most was the announcement of EXO's return for this year, with the guarantee that this boy band would start recording their new album from the following week?

Baekhyun is currently preparing for SuperM's debut. In addition, it was already confirmed that this character would be the leader of this new SM Entertainment boy band. In this way, it seems that the idol will have a great responsibility these next few days, becoming one of the main images of the K-pop scene.

For now, we will have to wait for new details about EXO's comeback by the end of the year. Even so, the EXO-L are already extremely happy that the comeback of said boy band has been confirmed for this 2019.