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BLACKPINK: artist Lisa tests positive for COVID-19

Luis Rafael
2 min read

Following member Lisa's claim of COVID-19 contagion, the BLACKPINK band reports strong preventive measures.

Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé also underwent tests, however, this was only to comply with the formalities, since so far none have presented symptoms.

On November 24, it was determined that Lisa, the prestigious K-pop artist, has COVID-19, the data was affirmed through a statement from YG Entertainment.

BLACKPINK: artist Lisa tests positive for COVID-19 – Showbiz – WebMediums

The YG Entertainment label did not determine the details of the illness of Lalisa Manobal, who returned to South Korea on November 15 after finishing her schedule in the United States.

However, he guaranteed that he had taken preventive measures to protect the well-being of his artists and all his staff.

YG Entertainment's post claiming Lisa's contagion

The label of the famous K-pop band BLACKPINK was the first agency to publish this news through its official Instagram and Twitter account, made a post that said the following.

"BLACKPINK's Lisa was determined to have COVID-19 this afternoon (Nov 24)."

In addition, he also added: "We will proceed ruthlessly to offer our full assistance in regard to the strength of our specialists and related staff as our first concern. Assuming there is any progression later on, we will let you know quickly."

This is how the famous record label ended its statement, making it clear that they are taking the appropriate measures to avoid contagion from the rest of their artists.

You can read YG's full statement on the "Money" author's illness with COVID-19 and updates from Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé, via the official YG Entertainment gutter.

Blink and Lilis dominated the networks with the #GetwellsoonLisa movement

Through web media, BLINK and Lilis take the # 1 spot worldwide in #GetwellsoonLisa movement, as they pray to God that the 24-year-old BLACKPINK artist gets better soon.

After the YG Entertainment office claimed that Lisa tested positive for COVID-19, some fans reported their anxiety, using phrases such as: Get well soon Lisa !; and others shared a video in which the artist herself said that she had been vaccinated against the infection.

Inevitably, in October this year, the singer disclosed that she had been vaccinated against COVID-19. "I'm vaccinated, I'm fine," was what attracted attention at the time.