BlackPink: Jannie Steps in the Group

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Like his companions, the talent of Jannie is incomparable. So much so that until the enemies of the agency YG Entertainment created rumors without foundation to opacacia. But they did not get it, and she has managed to grow and move forward with a firm step in these years.

Such a fingerprint has been that it has become an inspiration for many young people and their gender colleagues. Much has had to work to forge what he has and is what makes his productions so special.

Accompany Jannie in this small rise and trajectory path with blackpink that will fall in love.

Meet the life of Jannie

Known in the artistic environment as Jennie. She is a model, rapper singer and southern Korean dancer. Member of the female group Blackpink belonging to the record label YG Entertainment since 2016.

He debuted as a soloist with the simple only at the end of 2018.

Kim Jennie was born in Cheongdam-Dong, Seoul, South Korea, on January 16, 1996. At the age of nine traveled to Australia and New Zealand with his family.

His mother is a shareholder of the company CJ E & AMP; M and his father owns a hospital. A year later, being in New Zealand, they sent her to Auckland to study high school in ACG Parnell College And you will start your studies in the language with a family.

Artistic beginnings of Jannie

In the television network MBC, during 2006, the documentary English, Must Change to Survive was presented, where it tells your experience about the stay at New Zealand And your experience speaking the language.

When I lived in New Zealand, listening to music, taking a particular interest by seal artists YG Entertainment specialized in the genres k -pop, hip -HOP and R & AMP; R.

Jennie Participated interpreting Take A Bow de Rihanna, in the audition carried out by the company, which successfully approved, joining the house discharse as an apprentice, and training for six long years.

Initially adding as a vocalist, the company believed that I should adopt the role of rapera, since at that time it was the only apprentice capable of speaking English.

When you posed your family your goal of becoming an artist, Jennie received all family support. Although her mother, she intended to send her to study laws or a master's degree in the US.

Despite the announcement made in 2011 by Yang Hyun-Suk, from the seal YG Entertainment, who were organizing the group's debut of girls or Gilrbands, this launch had Let it be postponed due to external reasons.

In 2012, Jennie was accused of generating bullying next to his friends abroad to an exumpkin. This was only a rumor that came from an enemy of the company.

After the legal demand was executed and the prosecutor Shim Woo-Jung will declare the accused person innocent for the first time, only remained as a bitter memory.

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The details of Jennie's career

YG Entertainment In April 2012, it presents to the audience to Jennie by means of a photo entitled "Who is that girl?" Through your official blog.

This won the public's interest and quickly became the most wanted topic in the portals. Then in August using his blog, the company launched a video through YouTube titled "yg trainee — Jennie Kim" where he versioned the song Strange Clouds of Bob Together with Lil Wayne.

For the month of September, it makes its first public appearance as a main actress in the musical video of G-Dragon That XX of your EP One of a Kind.

Another video named Jennie Kim — YG New Artist, was released in 2013, whereby the rapper Wale showed a cover of the song Lotus Flower Bom.

In March, Kim Lee Hi presents it in its song Special of your debut album First Love, in August next to Seungri Interpreted GG Be for your mini album Let's talk about love.

In the SBS channel, next to G-Dragon, it appeared in the television program Inkigayo.

First appearance on stage

By June 2016, the members of the new group Blackpink, being Jennie were revealed between those selected.

In the preparation of candidates for members of the group, everyone had to perform voice evaluations through singing and individually and group choreographies monthly.

Jennie debuted as a member of Blackpink in August 2016 with the simple album Square One, and two successes.

Your group partner, JISSO, expresses that Jennie assumed the general duties and had the baton in many of the group's decisions in its beginnings.

Jennie made reference to his experience during the six years as an apprentice pointing out that monthly a group, dance song and solo where artists of the company, the CEO and producers would observe and evaluate the progress of Your training.

Influences and musical inspirations

Jennie Referred Rihanna as its main influence and model to follow. In addition, she conducted studio about artists as LAURYN HILL and TLC to whom she admired.

Since his childhood he has had interest in fashion, he has been studying fashion magazines and looking at different styles of clothing, influenced by his mother.

The artist refers that the French fashion house Chanel has been part of his life from a very young age and still has in his memory the memory of a label signed by Gabrielle Chanel.

Jennie full in design and production

When you are going to perform its solo debut, it participated in all the details of the production of the main related details, such as concept, choreography and outfit.

For the realization of his musical video he organized a combination of outfits. She mentioned an interview with Billboard that she mentally prepared a costume for each of the interpretations and in what she could highlight, learning many varied ways to get closer to fashion.

Shin Yoo-my, your singing teacher, who work with Blackpink before his debut, in an interview, described Jennie as a Person of multiple talents, which is good singing, rapping and writing letters.

Loving life of Jennie

At the beginning of the year 2019, Dispatch, a South Korea news portal, made public on a note of the site, presenting images of the courtship between the singer and kai, Member of the Musical Group Exo.

The companies YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment confirmed that the rumors of the courtship were true. Then at the end of January of the year 2020, it was announced that the couple had ended up to concentrate on their respective works.