The Fland of K-Pop extends throughout the world

Luis Rafael
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Arriving at new borders The famous group of k-pop made by girls “Twice” will appear in “The Tonight Show” For the first time, making known your new simple in English “The Feels”.

On the other hand, the famous group of boys BTS was in New York, with nothing more and nothing less than Megan Thee Stallion winner of 3 prizes Grammy 2021, with the awards of “Best Performing Rap”, “Best Song Rap” And “Best artist revelation”. On September 21, Megan shared some photos that she took with the group, between a selfie and a tender photo with her dog.

But the boys were in that place to speak on the monument of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG Moment) at the meeting of the United Nations Assembly, with South Korean President “Moon Jae In”. For the first time the boys went to invited to this type of events after being appointed as special envoys by President Moon, leaving more than clear that the k-pop scrub goes far beyond only the music.

The Fland of K-Pop extends throughout the world – Showbiz – WebMediums

Jimmy Fallon joins the k-pop wave by inviting Twice

On September 22, the famous interviewer Jimmy Fallon will be left completely by this wave of the k-pop scare, letting the girls in Twice announced by a video that They will be appearing in the program for next week. Twice will be presenting on October 1 your first single in English “The Feels”.

Are you excited that after so much time a group like Twice will make your great debut in “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”? While you wait for the day, you can listen to a bit of the new single, thanks to the girls of Twice who launched a couple of seconds by its official website TikTok,

BTS and Megan Thee Stailon were recently in the studio collaborating on a remix for the famous BTS simple, “Butter”. Both shared their support by Twitter after the expected Remix was released, on September 7, the Billboard officially announced that Butter had returned to his number 1, at the internationally famous list of the Hot 100(which is used to classify weekly the most popular songs in the United States).

Butter becomes the Top 10 at the Hot 100

Butter Sugar Even A “Dynamite” The previous week to become the top 10 with the highest duration in the Hot 100 By a Korean act, then jump directly from position 7 to the top of the list of current week after its new remix with Megan Thee Stainon.

But that's not the only surprising thing that has happened with this small group of boys, after being again at number 1, it automatically became the single number 40 in the 63 years of History of the Hot 100 In spending 10 or more weeks at the top of the list.

Demonstrating clearly his supremacy. As time passed and obviously the summer passed aside, “Butter” did not stay behind, and it was first positioned from the annual list of SONGS OF THE SUMMER of Billboard For 2021 closing it with a gold brooch on a perfect streak after having been heading the weekly lists of all summer.