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BLACKPINK to hold audiovisual presentation at the UN on climate change

Luis Rafael
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The UN recently made the mention that the K-pop group “BLACKPINK” will be in charge of making a video about climate change. In bliss presentation are going to talk about certain relevant aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The famous K-Pop singers were the young people chosen to make a video about climate change and have the privilege of being part of the UN, reported that Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa were named defenders of the Sustainable Development Goals.

BLACKPINK to hold audiovisual presentation at the UN on climate change
BLACKPINK to hold audiovisual presentation at the UN on climate change

BLACKPINK makes a statement mentioning the importance of the union

It is worth mentioning that, after this information was released, the renowned K-pop band decided to demonstrate and make a statement expressing their ideology and the support they offer to the United Nations.

“We sincerely trust the importance of collective action. The only way to make a difference is with unity, when we come together for the good of all. Now is the time to act for a safer tomorrow and a better future”.

These were the words that BLACKPINK said during their statement at the time they were named advocates of the Sustainable Development Goals.

K-pop band will make video for 26th UN conference

A couple of days ago it was mentioned that the famous Korean girlband is going to make a video that will be part of the 26th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention (COP26), which this time will deal with climate change.

This is a great feat for the girlband, lately they have held several conferences and talked about this new project that they are going to carry out together with the UN.

K-Pop is gaining more and more presence and relevance all over the planet. Lately, BTS performed at the UN General Assembly, where they shared a message of solidarity and sang their latest song, “Permission To Dance.” Currently, the artists responsible for the hit “How You Like That” will do the same.

COP26 will be held from October 31 to November 12 and will be attended by pioneers from 130 nations around the planet, who will be in charge of discussing the activities to meet the objectives of reducing the discharges that cause the impact of the nursery and respecting the Agreements from Paris.

This means that by the beginning of November we will be able to enjoy this magnificent presentation that the members of BLACPINK have for viewers around the world.

Obviously the UN is holding various conferences with multiple K-pop groups to increase the number of viewers. Since, the levels of globalization that these artists climb are exponential and these public appearances are beneficial for both parties.

YG Entertainment announced that BLACKPINK will hold their presentation at the UN in early November.

BLACKPINK will present a video at the UN. According to YG Entertainment, during the peak that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will lead on November 1-2, BLACKPINK will present a video to expose issues related to environmental change and ensure the climate.