BLACKPINK's Lisa's lovely reaction to receiving surprise gift from BLINK

Cristian García
2 min read

BLACKPINK's Lisa recently returned to her native Thailand, where she reportedly participated in a fan meeting or meeting with her fans from that country. Thus, the idol would have shared a special moment with the BLINKs, who would be showing all the love they have for the artist. Still, Lisa would have had a rather funny moment after receiving a surprise gift from one of the BLINKs.

BLACKPINK's Lisa's lovely reaction to receiving surprise gift from BLINK

The meeting took place a few days ago after the fan meeting organized by the famous brand Moonshot. Thus, Lisa would have had an intimate meeting with her Thai fans, who would have organized a series of tributes to the artist, which would cause the idol's tears. Still, there was a special moment where Lisa would be showing her surprise after receiving a gift from one of the BLINKs.

BLACKPINK's Lisa receives gift from BLINK and unleashes laughter from everyone present

Lisa would be receiving a special gift from one of the BLINKs, who would have decided to give her a supplement of up to a year of the famous nasal spray that the artist uses so much. Even so, her fans would know the embarrassing moment the idol experienced earlier after trying to pronounce her name in Korean.

Lisa is of Chinese origin, so she has a Korean accent that is sometimes difficult to understand. Therefore, in a video uploaded to YouTube, it is possible to see the BLACKPINK member mention the name of the nasal spray in Korean. Even so, it caused laughter from all the people present, since the name is very similar to the word "pornography". For this reason, the artist would have lived an extremely embarrassing moment.

In this way, the gift that Lisa received aroused all the laughter from the audience and even from the idol herself. Even so, the artist knew how to cope with the situation by staying extremely calm and thanking her fan for such a great gift.