BTS and BLACKPINK make international K-pop earnings skyrocket

Cristian García
2 min read

Recently, the association, The Korean Music Copyright Association (KOMCA), has revealed a series of information about the income generated in the world of K-pop in what would be the last annual period of this industry. In this way, the increase of up to 140% has been highlighted thanks to what would be the work abroad of groups such as BTS and BLACKPINK.

BTS and BLACKPINK make international K-pop earnings skyrocket

It should be remembered that BTS and BLACKPINK managed to generate a large amount of profits on the global scene thanks to the release of new albums and singles that were positioned in the top positions of many countries in Europe and America. In addition, both groups engaged in international tours that turned out to be the most successful of this 2019.

BTS and BLACKPINK increase K-pop industry's international royalties

KOMCA announced that international revenue in the K-pop industry soared to 11.3 billion South Korean won. In this way, they would be increasing by 140% compared to the annual period of 2018. In addition, this association has indicated that this increase is due to the success of BTS and BLACKPINK at the international level.

On the other hand, the KOMCA has also indicated that it has fought strongly to reduce the omissions of copyright rights that occur in the collections of K-pop and that produce a reduction of profits of this musical genre. Thanks to these works, the KOMCA has indicated that the income of this market has increased exponentially.

The head of Hanum Pyramid, the main copyright verification agency, has announced that his team is working hard so that K-pop artists and agencies can generate greater profits than they already count. In this way, it would be reducing copyright omissions that are made, in large percentages, worldwide.

BTS and BLACKPINK make international K-pop earnings skyrocket