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BTS and Megan will be together at the 2021 AMAs and will present "Butter Remix"

Luis Rafael
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Many people are waiting for this new show that the famous K-pop band will make the presentation of some of their best songs. The main live performance of "Butter remix" will go to the 2021 American Music Awards with BTS and Megan Thee Stallion.

The South Korean band claimed on November 8 that they will be joining Megan Thee Stallion at the 2021 American Music Awards in front of the entire public. At the 2021 AMAs both parties will perform "Butter remix" live in an interesting way.

The performance of the world debut of “Butter” with BTS and Megan will go to the AMAs and, in fact, it will be live from the show in Los Angeles, tweeted the Twitter account of the entertainment ceremony.

After the publication of this news ARMY and the artist's followers are crazy about the premiere of the song.

This update confirms the last statement from the Microsoft Theater, which on October 29 urged people to buy passes for the occasion referring to the presence of BTS.

It should be noted that this occasion will be the meeting of the septet with their fans face to face, before the four shows that Bangtan will offer days later in Los Angeles. Since, the artists had not been able to do live shows, since, their itinerary was a bit busy with various activities.

BTS nominations at the 2021 AMAs

BTS and Megan will be together at the 2021 AMAs and will present "Butter Remix"
BTS and Megan will be together at the 2021 AMAs and will present "Butter Remix"

Despite the melodic number, BTS could still get three head-to-head awards at the American Music Awards. This year, they compete in three rankings, including "Artist of the Year." The win depends on the vote of the fans.

Possibly the K-pop band ends up sweeping the awards this year as usual, since, despite the fact that this year the band did not make so many albums, they managed to release independent songs that managed to exceed expectations through the platforms of music.

In addition, the band has shown to have a natural talent when carrying out their musical projects, and they are experts when it comes to promoting their music and making everyone surprised after seeing their choreography.

Millions of people have been voting for the BTS band for a couple of weeks, certainly the competition will be quite strong, however, the large community of followers that the band has will be a great advantage that will be very useful in the 2021 AMAs.

Where to watch the 2021 AMAs

If you want to see this amazing award, you must bear in mind that you have to know which television networks are going to present the American Music Awards.

It is very possible that it cannot be seen in all Latin American countries, however, it can be seen in the vast majority of them.

In the United States, ABC will be in charge of publishing the 2021 AMA program, so if you are in this country you can tune in to the channel to enjoy the awards. On the other hand, TNT will be the signal that will share the occasion for the Latin American public.

Only two official television channels will be in charge of publishing the awards, TNT is one of the most watched television programs in all of Latin America. The presentation will be published in all TNTs, so that a large part of the Latino community can enjoy the 2021 AMAs.

Lineup of the AMAs 2021

Certainly, the band BTS has been the center of attention since the news was published that they would perform Butter Remix with Megan, however, they are not the only most anticipated artists of the awards, this year they will have strong competition.

In addition to BTS and "Megan Thee Stallion" in this edition of the American Music Awards 2021 we will have the appearances of great artists such as: Bad Bunny and Olivia Rodrigo and many more artists.

BTS Singers Give Their Opinion About 2021 AMAs

It should be noted that this will be one of the events of the year most anticipated by the members of the band, since it is one of the most important awards for their artistic career. So they decided to demonstrate to talk about this year's awards.

The BTS band claims that this year has been one of the busiest of their entire career, they have had a lot to do and have fallen behind in various projects, especially due to military service.

Since, this year they have not dedicated themselves solely to music, they do not aspire to get so many awards.

They have previously performed at awards and have managed to sweep the AMAs, but since they have carried out joint projects with Big Hit Music outside of music, they have not focused so much on their latest songs, for that reason, they have a bit of uncertainty about what that can happen this year.