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BTS came to Los Angeles for performances of "Permission to dance"

Luis Rafael
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The acclaimed K-pop band is heading to the United States for the multiple live performances of “Permission to Dance” to the public, performances at the 2021 AMAs and other activities scheduled on their schedule.

The famous band BTS is going to perform again in Los Angeles. On the afternoon of November 16, the acclaimed K-pop septet left their local South Korea for the American city in order to carry out their entire schedule and fulfill their musical projects.

BTS came to Los Angeles for performances of "Permission to dance"
BTS came to Los Angeles for performances of "Permission to dance"

This incorporates their long-awaited return by ARMY to the live concerts that they will perform to promote all the “Permission to dance” performances on stage.

The Koreans, winners of four EMA 2021 awards, returned to the state of California after two months.

In September 2021, they also made a trip to Los Angeles, but as ambassadors from their home nation and delegates from the “United Nations”

Bangtan members were spotted at the airport

BTS came to Los Angeles for performances of "Permission to dance"
Bangtan members were spotted at the airport

BTS's presence at Incheon International Airport was the wave of fans through online media and the press, but the fall design of the air terminal of each of the individuals, which included pieces of clothing from expensive brands, also caused great impact.

The designs of their airport fashions included original pieces by Louis Vouitton, the French house of extravagance they have been targeting as global ambassadors since April 2021. Clearly the alliance between the two is reflected when Bangtan wears suits of the brand.

J-hope manages to attract everyone's attention with his Nigo and Louis Vuitton earrings

Specifically, J-Hope and his duck-shaped backpack caught everyone's attention. Said accessory that wore the icon that revealed his flight information hours before, is a Japanese NIGO and Louis Vuitton fashion garment. According to accessible data, it would cost 4,500 US dollars.

ARMY celebrated the successful flight of BTS members to Los Angeles

The strong ARMY community began to celebrate with great emotion and joy the arrival of the BTS members and their team for having a successful flight. His wish through the web media is coupled with the poignant expression "Have a safe flight".

The members of the band were very moved to see that their community of fans was aware of their safety, and they demonstrated through the media to celebrate their arrival in the city of California after so many years, something that ARMY has been waiting for months.

In addition, BTS is going to perform a life to interact with their followers and tell them a large part of what they have planned for this new itinerary and show them the surprises that will prepare them for the next “Permission to dance on stage” shows.