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BTS confirms its hiatus: Idols announce cessation of group calendar activities

The South Korean group that has managed to become the most recognized boy band worldwide confirms its separation.

Luis Rafael
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BTS confirms its hiatus: Idols announce cessation of group calendar activities
BTS confirms its hiatus: The idols announce the cessation of group calendar activities.

' BTS ' marked their most recent presentation this week, during the ' Festa dinner 2022 ', the band's most important festival where they celebrate the anniversary of the group under the Big Hit Music label.

The " Festa 2022 " was broadcast through the septet's official Instagram and YouTube accounts, the broadcast had more than 700 thousand viewers in real time. At the end of the festival, the members talked about the next dates that will culminate in the 2022 activity calendar.

In addition, they took advantage of the space to announce the cessation of group activities and details about the future of the members of the South Korean group. 'Jimin', 'Jungkook', 'J-Hope', 'Rm', 'Suga', 'V' and 'Jin' expressed their mixed emotions and shed tears after the shocking news of their separation.

The band 'BTS' will cease the activities of its 2022 calendar

Record label 'Big Hit Music' stated that ' Festa 2022 ' will be the last public activity the K-pop band will hold together. The news caused great controversy in the ARMY fan community, who did not see the separation of Bangtan coming due to their recent concert tour.

The 'Butter' boyband had scheduled their retirement following the release of their recent record production ' Proof ' which was released during the ' BTS' 9th Anniversary. It should be noted that, during the statement, they stated that there are still activities to be finalized, such as the pre-recordings of 'Countdown'.

Nuevo Álbum ‘Proof’ de BTS.

The idols claim that this was a premeditated decision and they had kept it a secret to shock their fans. ' BTS ' will begin a new transition, the 7 members assure that the goal of the hiatus is to focus on their new careers as soloists and on their personal projects.

BTS speaks out about hiatus at 'Festa dinner 2022'

The 'Festa Dinner' is the next event that continues the 'Bangtan' anniversary celebration, a more intimate meeting between 'Jimin', 'V', 'RM', 'Suga', 'Jungkook', 'Jin' and 'J-Hope'. June 14 was the " Festa dinner 2022 ", an event full of surprises, interpretations and relevant information that impacted ARMY.

The idols of ' BTS ' offered details about their upcoming separation and the new stage as soloists that the septet will have. The Maknae 'Suga' made a statement where he stated:

"Luckily for ARMY, this will not be the definitive end, we will only be stopping the calendar activities for time to focus on our projects", sentenced 'Suga' during the ' Festa dinner 2022 '.

Furthermore, his bandmates reinforced his speech by implying that ' BTS ' needs a long break after a decade of hard work.

About the 'BTS' members' new albums

The K-pop idols have started their side projects while they were running their 'PTD on Stage In Los Angeles' concert tour.

Some members have already announced the release date of their new solo albums, which will be available through digital platforms.

So far 'J-Hope' will be the first to release his solo record production, which will be debuting on August 15, 2022. 'Suga' stated that he will be releasing his music album after 'J-Hope' debut, and the last member to post will be 'Jin'. The premieres of the remaining albums will be published soon.