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The MAMAs 2021: the appearance of BTS and Ed Sheeran as special guest

Luis Rafael
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The renowned Mnet Asian Music Awards affirmed that BTS would be recognized for their profession and the exceptional honors they have achieved.

The Boyband BTS is the K-pop reunion that exists apart from everything else and this is proven by the achievements they are continually adding to their musical profession.

The Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMAs) held a recognition to pay tribute to the eight years of Bangtan's vocation and the triumphs reaped by the boyband throughout the Korean occasion.

The MAMAs 2021: the appearance of BTS and Ed Sheeran as special guest
The MAMAs 2021: it will have the tribute to the band BTS

The members of BTS sweeping the MAMAs 2021

K-pop band BTS has been named in seven key classes at the 2021 MAMAs honors awards, coordinated by Mnet, including collection of the year, singer of the year, and best boy band.

Voting is currently open and MAMAs around the world can decide in favor of Bangtan via the web. This means that up to now ARMY can still come and demonstrate through the awards page to increase the votes of their idols.

Mnet's recognition of boyband BTS

Notably, on November 15, Korean television channel Mnet posted on its Twitter account that boyband BTS would receive recognition.

This news was released hours after the group published its calendar in the United States.

This recognition will be given by the Korean music program "Mom: The first K-pop honors" in gratitude for the fruitful eight years of the boyband's profession and their victory in MAMAs history.

When was the recognition given to BTS by the Mnet?

The recognition for BTS was given in the unique program that recognizes musical talents, whose premiere was scheduled for November 18 at 8 PM (Korean time) on the Mnet broadcast at 8:00 p.m., the program obtained more than 4 million views in real time.

It is important to emphasize that this was not only broadcast in Asia and the USA, it was also broadcast in some Latin American countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile and Puerto Rico. This program is not the same, it is not part of the MAMAs 2021 honors gala.

The special program was translated by fans

It is important to know that the K-pop music special program is originally in their local language (Korean), so the loyal fans of the band and ARMY took it upon themselves to publish some segments of the program through translated media. To Spanish.

Music writer Furuya Masayuki has given his take on the astonishing advancement of the musical career of the world's most famous k-pop groupBTS”.

"BTS continues to break their own records. They are currently inseparable from records. Besides, they don't even have to strive to reach them anymore. BTS is trying to be remembered in the future (soaring above). They are amazing singers. Presumably there will be no other artists like them. ".

When is the MAMAs 2021 ceremony?

The MAMAs 2021 Awards present their 23rd version and will be posted on December 11th. The matter will be communicated in real time from the CJ ENM Contents World located in Paju, South Korea. In addition, the service is called "Make some commotion".

Ed Sheeran will be at the MAMAs 2021

The appearance of the redhead will be a lovely gift for fans. Ed Sheeran has been affirmed as the world guest of MAMAs 2021. Justin Bieber was already supposed to participate in that place, however, that news was not official, and they were only speculations of the spectators,

The main arrangement of MAMAs 2021 has been affirmed. Want to ONE, artist Ed Sheeran, BTS, and more artists make up the main line of the event.

The MAMAs 2021: the appearance of BTS and Ed Sheeran as special guest
Edd Sheeran will be at the MAMAs 2021

As reviewed, Ed Sheeran has worked twice as a musician for BTS's melodies: "Make it right" published in 2019 and the hit "Permission to move" that the boyband delivered in 2021.

This edition's MAMAs service could open up the possibility for the British pop star to join her voice to Bangtan's in this tune.

Thousands of people continue to vote in the MAMAs 2021

Despite the official voting form that is underway among fans around the world, MAMAs 2021 reported that there will be a one-time event to commemorate TikTok's favorite moment.

This vote will be in the aforementioned interpersonal organization starting on November 25 at 11 a.m. (KST).

How many nominees are there in the MAMAs 2021?

The nominees for this year's edition will be made up of more than 20 K-pop groups, however, it is only known that among them are BTS, BLACKPINK, SUJU, CHEINGTY and Ed Sheeran, the other artists will be published next week.

Counting the daesangs, MAMAs 2021 will offer awards to more than 20 nominations in this 2021 to the best artists.

BTS nominations at the 2021 AMAs

This year, BTS shocked the world forever by becoming the top Korean manifestation to be named for the 2021 AMAs Artist of the Year. This classification is like the daesang of K-pop.

How long will BTS be in the United States?

BTS's participation in person at MAMAs has yet to be stated. It would depend on the boyband's calendar between November and December. Today, icons are found in the United States for different occasions and advancements.

Until now, the last event booked in the United States is its display at iHeartRadio's Jingle Ball, booked for the night of December 4.

How will BTS's agenda in the US be?

Try not to miss the BTS schedule in the United States. In addition to musical shows, Bangtan will be making his bounce on the James Corden show and more information.

However, BTS's participation in The Late Show with James Corden had separate responses, due to comments the British presenter shared earlier on his syndicated show about supporting the Korean septet at the UN.