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BTS fans unite to help the planet due to the Amazon fire

Cristian García
2 min read

BTS is one of the current artists who have the most impact on all of popular culture. For this reason, they are usually a great means to promote all kinds of projects and campaigns for the benefit of the world and humanity. This is something that has been achieved recently thanks to the support of his fanatic or ARMY.

BTS fans unite to help the planet due to the Amazon fire – Showbiz

The ARMYs have come together to protect planet earth from all kinds of damage caused by the recent fires in the Amazon, which would be causing the death of countless animals and the deforestation of a large amount of green area. For this reason, this group of fans has decided to take actions to be able to provide the appropriate protection to everything related to the planet.

For all these reasons, the ARMY have promoted a new campaign entitled #ARMYHelpThePlanet. With this hashtag, all BTS fans seek to spread their message around the world in order to get more and more people to join this movement to help planet earth to counteract all these damages caused by the recent fires that occurred in the Amazonia.

This community published a message indicating that it has already begun to take action to stop all this tragic fire that has been spreading for several days. For now, the ARMY in charge have commented that they have not been able to have contact with any government member who is currently dealing with this terrible case.

BTS fans unite to help the planet due to the Amazon fire – Showbiz

All this movement has occurred due to the lack of entities or means that promote correcting this tragic problem that exists in the Amazon. Therefore, BTS fans are already doing their best to bring peace to the planet and make it a better place to live.

BTS has always promoted this type of act to its fans, granting them a series of campaigns to protect human rights. In addition, all the members of this group always make the greatest effort so that the ARMY try to take initiatives in various movements that help planet earth and humanity.