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BTS Show in Los Angeles: Internet Streaming Costs and How to Buy Tickets

Luis Rafael
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Globals ARMYs will want to see the BTS show in Los Angeles via webcast. Ticket sales start today. This is one of the most anticipated news for Korean boyband fans.

There is no problem in the event that you have not gotten a pass to enter the stadium. BTS will communicate one of their “Permission to dance” shows to the public in Los Angeles via the internet during live.

In this sense, ARMY will want to at the same time praise the arrival of the Bangtan Boys on the live stage after two years. One of the most anticipated concerts by fans and loyal fans around the world.

BTS Show in Los Angeles: Internet Streaming Costs and How to Buy Tickets
BTS "Permission to dance"

When is the BTS show in 2021?

As reviewed, BTS's 2021 show with crowds will hang on four dates, which are between November 27-28 and December 1-2. Tickets are sold out for the show in each of the designated spaces of the So-Fi Stadium.

All the people who made the purchase of their tickets will be able to attend the show of the K-pop band without any problem. They only have to show up between the dates indicated on their ticket to be able to enter.

Where will the BTS show “Permission to donce” the face-to-face concert be held?

So-Fi Stadium will watch Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jin, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook reunite with around 70,000 ARMYs each show day.

This stage is located in Inglewood, California, it is one of the most recognized states in the United States for the artists who visit it.

BTS's "Permission to Dance" Online Concert

The famous band BTS has many fans all over the planet, fans who would have preferred to be at the concert of the famous Korean artists and who would have done so if the tickets had not been sold out.

ARMY's wish could be fulfilled on October 27, at the time that HYBE affirmed the simultaneous broadcast of a nearby show date: on December 2 at 7:30 p.m., it will be the presentation of the Show through a concert online where you can see the artists sing.

Prices of the show of "Permission to dance" of LA Online Concert

Three types of entries will be initiated through Weverse. The first two in orange are elite for ARMY entry holders. The "multiview" option offers multiple camera shots all the time.

BTS show tickets

Tickets will be obtained from the Weverse Shop and requires the customer to have a Weverse registration from now on.

This application, in addition to circulating BTS products and shows, is Bangtan's main channel of correspondence with its fans.

When will the online ticket sales start?

Online ticket purchases for BTS's 2021 show in Los Angeles began on November 11 in the early afternoon in South Korea.

This means that they are currently available for everyone to enjoy the Show.