BTS: Single Jungkook Projects

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In 2016, he launched an album in this category, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever. In which a theme of Jungkook was included. By the end of the year, came the second studio album of BTS titled "Wings" where he incorporated the topic in solitary "begin".

For the year 2018, a third album was announced by the band, which takes by title "Love Yourself: Year" The pre-launch included a nine-minute job in which Jungkook made the voice that is heard in the background.

For May of that same year, it is known that Jungkook was the main producer of the topic "Magic Shop", a topic that the group dedicated to its followers.

After knowing the playlist that accompanied this project, the topic "Magic Shop" It became a Best Seller in South Korea.

Continuing with the events of 2018, with the launch of the BTS collection album, the song & quot was included;Euphoria"Interpreted by Jungkook. This topic reached the second place on the digital platforms of South Korea.

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The jungle of Jungkook

His true fanatics know very personal details of the artist. This is so a few years ago, a photo of the jaw of Jungkook was circulated by social networks.

In that photo you can see the angle that is part of your face. For informed observers, it can be a physical feature like any other. But there is much more.

The popular South Korean Idol has been blessed by nature with an angle of 130 degrees, which is considered as the perfect measure by experts.

According to published scientific studies, especially in psychology journals, that the jaw and the lower part of the face grant the person an aura of trust. That goes beyond the mere physical attraction.

Also, according to what is expressed by specialists, people who have a perfect jaw, also enjoy good health in general.

Photogenic Jungkook.

In addition to all mentioned, Jungkook has the attribute of being very photogenic.

The camera really loves it. He always looks good from any angle and leaves very well portrayed by the photographers of the media and even by the simple amateurs.

Many assure that self-confidence that is perceived is thanks to this quality of photogeny that accompanies this talented artist.

The Fortune of Jungkook

A lot is talked about the fortunes kneaded by the K-Pop singers. In the particular case of Jungkook, it is rumored that he accumulated almost ten million dollars in the few years he has as a member of BTS.

That amount has not been confirmed. Others mention that it is a slightly lower number.

On the other hand, that amount is not exorbitant if we take into account the billions that moves the musical industry globally.

In the particular case of the genus k-pop there is a controversy among the artists, because the revenues received are very variable. Recall that after Bambalines are hidden some secrets that we will try to reveal in future articles.