The famous k-pop band “BTS” and ColdPlay have officially confirmed his expected collaboration

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The theme "My Universe" of BTS and ColdPlay is not far away. In case you are also anxious to listen to the coordinated effort between these Pop Hotshots, more amazing were affirmed this September 22 (EDT), including a narrative in the background and a musical video of the Authority.

Faithful for a long time, ColdPlay will deliver a coordinated effort with the world stars of k-pop BTS. It's about the single'my universe', which will be essential for your next collection,'music of the spheres'Your informal communities.

The second single of the Music of the Circles collection joins the voices of Chris Martin, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. The brief reviews of "My Universe" That they delivered in the week further raised the fervor of the Fandoms in question.

Look at the accompanying dates shared by Parlophone Music to perceive how the time of "My Universe" will be capable of BTS and ColdPlay on the entire planet.

The famous k-pop band “BTS” and ColdPlay have officially confirmed his expected collaboration

When is BTS and Coldplay's "My universe" coming out?

On September 24 at 12 pm EST, the joint effort of ColdPlay X BTS will be delivered on sound musical scenarios. In addition, a video verses of Authority will be delivered on YouTube.

September 26: within the narrative of "My Universe"

On Sunday, September 26, a narration will be delivered that will investigate the most common way of doing "My Universe", a background with BTS and ColdPlay. Will be delivered at 8:00 a.m. ET / 1 p. m. BST / 9 p. m. KST.

September 27: Supernova and acoustic version

The next day, Coldplay X BTS will deliver the variant of the supernova remix that, as the banner alludes, will last 7 minutes. An acoustic version of "My Universe" will also be presented.

When will the "My universe" Coldplay X BTS MV be delivered?

The calendar of the Parlophone brand states that there will be an official MV of "My Universe"Although this still has no delivery date, the declaration has been sufficient to release the Fan Festival of ColdPlay and BTS that have represented their fellowship with the symbols of the whale, the Purple Heart and the octopus.

BTS will meet with ColdPlay in New York, the fan base Coldplay Xtra revealed that the British band will meet with BTS taking advantage of your visit to New York. This was commented by Chris Martin at The Howard Stern Show on September 22.

Moreover, the best news is that there are a couple of days left for us to discover how Chris's voice sounds next to the seven individuals of BTS. Since in a similar official statement they have also incorporated the day we will discover what is one of the main coordinated melodic efforts this year 2021.

Advertising to know the ColdPlay Association and BTS is genuine! So we are already counting the hours to know the melody My Universe. Do you want to pay attention?

On Friday, September 24 is the date chosen for the arrival of My Universe, and next to the statement, Coldplay has taken emoticons:" ❤️♾⭕️. "News that, obviously, has been very celebrated by the followers of the two groups. "Nothing would be more famous than this cooperation", he maintained a client in the British post. "Cooperation of the century", praised another.

Coldplay Luce Elegant Hanboks given by BTS

The famous k-pop band “BTS” and ColdPlay have officially confirmed his expected collaboration

The individuals of BTS and Coldplay boasted together in a photo delivered recently. In it stood out, in addition to other things, an image of the British wearing current Hanboks. The garments were supposedly given by the famous Koreans.

The next collection of Coldplay accounts for now with melodies as the reformist theme'Colorature'and the generally fruitful'Higher Power', after which the talks about cooperation with BTS were acquired, since they recorded the video of the authority in South Korea.

With this, Coldplay will form an interesting team with a k-pop artisan, a type of Korea and that has acquired importance throughout the world, and satisfies fantasy of the fans of BTS, Army, see Chris Martin and the South Koreans working together.

Last February, BTS interpreted'Fix You'As part of his infrequent acoustic show MTV unplugged, and from there he began the fantasy of seeing the two together, who rarely refused and that finally is a reality.

Regarding the new creation of Coldplay, On October 15 around the world. This will be presented two years after'day to day existence'(2019), in which they amazed with consolidation in their music from jazz music parts and a specific Arabic impact, and six after'to Head Full of Dreams'where the pop float of the Meeting proved more than evident on topics such as'psalm for the weekend'With nine collections of study delivered from the underlying'parachutes'(2000), Coldplay is perhaps the most fruitful group universally of the last decade, as confirmed by the fact that three of these works are among the 40 successes of the 21st century.

Collection of ColdPlay backed by BTS

In another concert of BTS with ColdPlay, Chris Martin held a form of the new collection of his band signed by each of the septet.

Verses of "My Universe", through the media of the web, Coldplay facilitated BTS the verses of your melody, which will appear in the brochure of the current form of "My Universe". The lines are written by hand by individuals of Bangtan and the British band.

BTS and your cover of ColdPlay. The joint effort between BTS and ColdPlay has been for some time longed by the fans, however, acquired strength recently after the front of the Koreans of "FIX YOU" For MTV Unplugged Presents.