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It is not a secret for anyone that the genre k-pop comes causing more burner day after day. Over the years, more and more people are aware of their message and their culture. In this opportunity you will talk about Lisa of Blackpink.

As a member of one of the Girlband that has more followers of recent times, this talented artist is multifaceted and able to reach an incredible message with each topic.

You will meet in the following article, a brief summary of the route of Lisa in Blackpink.

Lisa roots.

The artist named Natal Lalisa Manoban was born in March at 27 days, when the year 1997 was passed. The incredible 24-year-old singer, better known by his artistic name: Lisa, represents RAP style inside the Girlband.

Lisa was born in Thailand, in the province of Bureau. She has no brothers, and she was raised by her mother and her stepfather, of Thai and Swiss origin respectively.

The talented Lisa is a singer, dancer and model. She also, she speaks English, Korean, Thai and Japanese. She has 50 million fans that follow her through the official Instagram account of her, she is considered one of the artists that has the most followers in South Korea and Thailand.

With only 8 years Lalisa began to show totes for dancing. While she was in high school she began the vocal formation of her. Subsequently, she was part of dance competitions and joined the group that ZaA Cool in which 11 members participated.

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Lisa in Blackpink.

Years later, in an audition organized by the YG Entertainment, Lisa held the first place among the four thousand participants who demonstrated their talent to the company. The artist signed contract with the label in 2011 when she was just 14 years old.

This decision was very arbitrary, since his parents did not agree for the young age he had at that time. Time later, they accepted thanks to the artist's talent and moved to South Korea. The training of being an artist took approximately 5 years.

It was the first artist of foreign nationality that signed with YG Entertainment. For the year 2013 she appeared in the video of taeyang, as if other than the theme audiovisual "Ringa Linga"

In 2015, he participated as a model for a recognized clothing brand. Subsequently, she represented the image of the cosmetics company Moonshot, one year later.

Lisa debuts on blackpink

By 2016, with the launch of the group Blackpink, Lisa became known as one of her four members. She is considered as the leadership of the group, highlighting by her skills at the time of dancing and rapping.

The promotional topics of blackpink were "Whistle" and "Boamyah" With the first issue, they were able to position between the first places of the South Korean music industry.

First Single album of Lisa

Since April of this year 2021, one of the representatives of YG Entertainment, informed the South Korean media, which would be the third to publish a single. This in response to the success of Rosé and Jennie.

So far no greater details of the project had been published. Subsequently, by means of Star News, the disketr indicated that work was being carried out to specify the audiovisual of the promotional topic of Lisa.

After this, it was officially indicated that the release of the Single album of Lisa would take place on September 10 of the current year. For the talent already demonstrated by the singer, it has been a complete success, even surpassing the companions of it.

Lisa and television

The Military Variety Program, chose to Lisa to be a fixed member of the program corresponding to the Edition of the Army Academy. This program marked a trend and was the first television program in which she participated since she made her debut with the band.

Thanks to this participation of Lisa on television, you were awarded a prize to character of the year. By the end of 2018 she discloses her official channel of YouTube, called Lilifilm Official. The theme of the canal focuses on trips and ways of life.

By mid-2019, the Channel had reached a total of 1,300,000 subscriptions and had the delivery of YouTube of the Gold Button. Subsequently, he served as a dance advisor for a television program.

A Chinese program presented the second season of the Youth with You, transmitted by the channel LQIYI. For this year, the Return of the Artist has been announced as part of the cast of season 3 of the survival program.

Lisa as a company image

Thanks to the South Korean brand Moonshot, Lisa was named Ambassador in China as representative of the cosmetics brand. In 2019, she participated in the new collection presented in Thailand.

In this opportunity, in addition to Ambassador, it is the brand presenter exclusively, in this collection six of the products that included its signature as part of the promotion.

In the same way, in that same year was the company's presenter AIS. This was announced during the promotion taken in May of the Samsung Galaxy S10 in Thailand.

On the other hand, the game developers Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, selected Lisa to make a model character for the game.

Returning to the Fashion World, Lisa formed part during the 2020 of Mino of the group Winner.

In another opportunity with the group adidas debuted as a backup model in the collection of clothing My Shelter of the SS20 season.

These have been any of the steps of Lisa since its incorporation to the group. Of more it is indicating that she is one of the most imposing and relevant figures of the moment with her other colleagues. Year after year have let the powerful talent they have for music, which has opened their way in the musical environment.

The launch of its first single album is expected, for September 2021. Undoubtedly, this will be one of the best work done and that, with all safety, will be winner of new prizes and nominations for the team.

And is that the talent of these girls individually is as powerful as when they do it together. Able to create a unique sound for your followers.

Do not forget to follow them by their official networks to be up-to-date with all the new ones that these talented artists bring.

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