BTS, TWICE, and X1 receive new music sales certificates for Gaon

Cristian García
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South Korea's famous music chart, Gaon, has revealed the new certificates awarded this month to what would become K-pop artists. Thus, a variety of idols would have their respective recognition for the sale of albums or singles in what has been this 2019. Among the main names, would be BTS, TWICE, X1 and IZ * ONE.

BTS, TWICE, and X1 receive new music sales certificates for Gaon
Edition: Allkpop

In this way, you would be seeing which would be the most successful albums and singles in the K-pop scene, by providing a list of certificates that would be awarded only to those artists who have managed to stand out for the great sales of all their music. Therefore, it would not be strange to hear these names among the recent achievements awarded by Gaon.

BTS, TWICE, and X1 are certified by Gaon thanks to their huge music sales

For album sales, IZ * ONE and X1 would be certifying each other for achieving sales of more than 250,000 copies. IZ * ONE would be achieving platinum status with their recent album Heart * IZ, an honor that is given by reaching 250,000 copies well said. On the other hand, X1 would be achieving double platinum with its Quantum Leap album by reaching 500,000 copies.

In terms of streaming, BTS and TWICE would be leading the list. Boy With Luv, and What Is Love? Have reached the figure of 100 million streams on the Gaon platform, which would be giving them the honor of being platinum on this music chart. Thus, both artists have demonstrated their unmatched excellence at all times.

In this way, there would be no doubt that all these K-pop groups would have great relevance in the South Korean music industry. Therefore, it is likely that these idols will continue to achieve great achievements over the years. The ones they would have gotten recently are just a few of the same.

BTS, TWICE, and X1 receive new music sales certificates for Gaon