BTS's Jimin reveals to ARMY how he had fun on vacation

Cristian García
2 min read

BTS has just returned from their temporary vacations, which spanned a number of years, allowing all of its members to enjoy a time of relaxation and calm. Even so, the most active member in social networks has been Jimin, who would be publishing a series of images of what he would have done during all this time.

BTS's Jimin reveals to ARMY how he had fun on vacation – Showbiz – WebMediums

Jimin would have managed to become a trend in social networks thanks to all this series of images that would make the idol look extremely attractive and would help ARMY to understand all kinds of activities that the idol would have carried out during his extensive vacations. With all this, there is no doubt that the idol is a lover of elegance and good living.

BTS's Jimin Posts Vacation Pictures & ARMY Reacts

The artist would have found himself in a great variety of landscapes, where he would be showing his great admiration for various scenes in the world. Something that has mainly been observed has been the Parisian atmosphere and the charm by countries of Europe that the artist has, which would allow him to show that he is a lover of the vintage style.

All these photographs would have been totally unpublished, so the ARMY would be surprised to see the idol going through a variety of scenarios along with all his appeal. Thus, there would be no doubt that Jimin is still considered one of the artists with the best style and with a highly desired figure throughout the world.

On the other hand, Jimin would be preparing to return with BTS in what would be a new facet. This would be showing that all these artists are extremely versatile and that they adapt to all kinds of styles. Additionally, ARMYs are expected to delight in all these kinds of new musical projects.