BTS's Jungkook reflects his love for ARMY through this incredible gesture

Cristian García
2 min read

BTS's Jungkook is known as one of the most famous artists on the current scene. In addition, he has always shown to have a wide variety of charitable gestures that make people talk a lot about him. Therefore, it would not be common for you recently to have been very nice to an ARMY who wanted to meet you while the artist was in a rush for a meeting.

BTS's Jungkook reflects his love for ARMY through this incredible gesture

All this would have been perceived in the last episode of Bring The Soul, where BTS would be showing all the love and appreciation they have towards all the ARMYs and towards all the personnel who work with them at all times to, thus, achieve that this entire project musical that they handle is possible.

BTS's Jungkook Shows His Love For ARMY In Bring The Soul Chapter

The chapter titled "Energy" was packed with extremely exciting moments and great adrenaline. Additionally, idols would show a new facet by doing a wide variety of activities and showing what it's like to be on a world tour. Even so, the most moving moment was given by Jungkook when living with an ARMY who would have a great appreciation for him.

Jungkook would have stopped in the middle of the street to greet an ARMY of the same nationality who had waited a long time to see him. It must be remembered that the idol was in Berlin, for which he would be having a great gesture for said fanatic and for all the people of his country, who would have seen that the singer has great affection for them as if they were relatives of him.

In this way, Jungkook would continue to be considered one of the kindest and most loving artists on the world scene. Therefore, the ARMY are extremely happy with this wonderful gesture, which has shown the love that the idol has for his wide fan base. This shows that the maknae could be one of the most loving members of BTS.