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Chile's president-elect Gabriel Boric is also a fan of k-pop

Fermín Gómez
3 min read

The Chilean president-elect, Gabriel Boric, has made international news for winning the last elections in his country and more than one detail has come to light that adds him to the extensive list of kpopers.

We are sure that many of the votes that led to his victory were gleaned from among the thousands of fans of K-pop, a musical genre of Korean origin.

Use of K-pop symbols in the campaign

It turns out that the young Chilean congressman made several affectionate gestures to K-pop fans throughout his presidential campaign. That caused that, in reciprocity, he received several gifts from his followers. In addition to your votes at the time of the elections.

Those gifts included a cake with her image and several collectible photo cards with images of different K-pop stars.

Gabriel Boric himself, uploaded several videos on his official accounts, showing gifts he received from his followers who are also kpopers.

In his campaign, he used songs by South Korean artists such as Twice or Day6 in some of his publications, and has taken photos of himself posing by showing photocards (printed images) that were given to him.

Various fans and fandoms (groups dedicated to an artist) created accounts in support of the candidate.

Pages such as "Kpopers for Boric" encouraged the sharing of positive content and the proposals of the deputy, to motivate participation in the elections and taught to report hateful content or fake news.

Other fans have carried out their own dynamics and organized some events to mobilize voters who are fans of the South Korean genre or the public, as explained by Gracia Ortiz, designer and member of “Kpopers for Boric”.

About the photo that was released worldwide

Thus, on Sunday, December 19, after being the winner of the Chilean presidential elections, a photo of Boric showing a photographic card of Jeongyeon, a member of the famous girl group Twice, circulated on social networks.

Apparently it all started with a publication on the Twitter account Jeongyeon World (@yjyworld) and then the image went viral in other countries.

Chile's president-elect Gabriel Boric is also a fan of k-pop

The published image came with a message in English that translated would be: "a photo of Gabriel Boric, a former student activist who has just been elected the youngest president in the history of Chile... making the symbol of the heart with his fingers (an icon used by k-pop fans) and a photo card of Jeongyeon. Chile's new president is Once (Twice's fandom name) and a stan (fan) of Jeongyeon. "

That tweet bounced around various outlets and soon reached South Korea, where the local newspaper Wikitree published a story about it, in Korean.

And the same note was replicated by other foreign k-pop portals, such as Allkpop from the United States.

The main thing that stands out is that K-pop fans find it great that a president-elect from another country openly shows his fondness for the genre and poses with a photo card of Jeongyeon, lead singer of the group Twice.

International media have highlighted Boric's fondness for k-pop

Obviously, in addition to this curious detail, the South Korean media have also highlighted Boric's victory in the presidential elections, and his age.

For example, the English edition of The Korea Times, published a story from the AP agency, entitled "Left-wing Millennial wins elections as Chile's next president."

Likewise, the South Korean newspaper The Dong-a Ilbo issued a note in Korean, presenting the next Chilean president as "The youngest president in the world".