Seventeen: Tour and Biography of Won Woo

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The group Seventeen is one of the K-Pop exponents that has won recognition in recent years. This group is made up of 13 members, which have been subdivided into three units to create great works.

As part of a large group, each one has contributed a granite of sand to consolidate the project of Seventeen.

The unique talent of each member has contributed to bring this successful group to the site they deserve and certainly has a lot to offer to their CARAT.

In this opportunity we'll talk about the life of Won Woo in seventeen, and how this artist has left a deep trace in its thousands of Followers through rap and trap

Besides, we'll mention some of his projects and one curiosity will be mentioned. You can't miss it.

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First years

The renowned singer Jeon Won Woo, best known in the middle as Won Woo, was born in the middle of 1996. It is one of the members of the band Seventeen, of the genreK-Pop. He has stood out for the great gifts of him for dancing, singing and rapping within the group.

His family consists of his parents and a younger brother. The artist handles two languages: The Japanese and the Korean.

He has stated that since very small he has felt a special attraction for music, which has allowed him to be today part of this Boy Band.

Born in Chango, this artist or measures 1.80 tall, culminated on his studies at the Seoul Academy of Performing Arts in 2015 and now belongs to the project of Foldis Entertainment.

He has participated in several musical videos and he looks out representing the Hip-Hop part of the group.

Independent works

By 2014 before being part of the band, Won Woo was shown in the Seoul Music Awards singing the song "Auditory Hallucination" In the company of Jang Jae In.

He made a cover of the hand of min GYU of the theme "That xx" of G-Dragon, as part of a band concert. Also, she participated in two videos of the company titled "Nu'EST" Y "Hellovenus" of Venus and Face respectively, both in 2012.

By 2015, he participated in several reality shows, including Hoshi & AMP Seungkwan Chain Andromeda TV, Seventeen Project: Debut Big Plan Band as such, Where is my friend's island?, The Ranking is up to me and One Fine Day - 13 Castways Boys.

The most recent was One Fine Day in Japan during 2017.

Physical qualities

For its high stylized height and body, many people have associated it with artists and middle actors. Some think that he has a similar thing to Naturo when he looks up, while others say he has a resemblance to Woo Hyun.

Also, he has been compared to his appearance with the actor JOO JI Hoon in his Youth Years. And is that the incredible attraction of him has not gone unnoticed, so he is one of the visuals of the group.

Artistic qualities

Thanks to its sparkling and fun personality, it is a very attractive person, and has channeled their messages through the genre hip-hop.

Through Rap is able to reach thousands of hearts, not only by the letter but also for work and endeavor dedication in continuously improving their performance.

And it is that your vocation for music allows you to create new nuances in gender and new sensations in the public.

It is not a secret that at first it was difficult for you to be coupled in the group's style. However, he has managed to do it with enough success and discipline.

Won Woo in Seventeen

won woo he auditioned for the label in 2015, along with his 12 colleagues.

This event was broadcast live for an hour without commercial breaks. Becoming the first group to do something of this style.

Within the recognitions obtained within Seventeen, is the "Best Rookie Group" of SBS Pop Asia Awards in 2015.

By 2016, a mv of the theme & quot was published;Check-in of the mixtape” composed by the Hip-Hop subunit of the Seventeen group.

This subunit is made up, Vernon, Mingyu, S. Coups (the leader) and of course the same Won Woo.

This last project was completely controlled by them in terms of composition and production. It was a completely original work of the group.

For the launch of the official video of the topic, they used different individual recordings.

Topics with Seventeen.

Now, as part of the group as such, won woo participated in the topics “Adore U ”Y "Send” in 2015.

By 2016 he collaborated in the songs"Pretty U""Love Letter Verte Nice""Healing"y"Boomcom"

And for the year 2017 it stood out with"Smile Flower"Y"Don'T Wanna Cry"

Curiosities about Won Woo

Before debuting with the group, it was able to receive dance classes from a prestigious academy, which have also been formed members of the BTS, EXO groups, as well as other artists of the genre.

It is a fan of blue color and is a romantic inveterate.

In an interview, he gave to understand that surely he would fall in love with a woman who was reading a book in the light of the candle, somewhat musical audiovisual type.

On the other hand, it is allergic to fish and seafood.

He likes to sleep are of sad melodies, he also considers that he develops better in the genre Rap, since he can easily express his feelings.

The recognition of this artist has been given on multiple opportunities. As happened when he was praised by his voice in the After School Club Jimin.