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Hyuna and Dawn: marriage in sight

Since 2016, various media have rumored that Hyuna and Dawn had more than just friendship.

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Hyuna and Dawn: marriage in sight – Showbiz – WebMediums
Marriage in sight

At that time, Hyuna and Pentagon members E'Dawn (Dawn's initial stage name), and Hui, formed the successful musical trio Triple H.

During the presentations and promotions, the unique complicity between the couple that has now risen to the category of boyfriends was more than palpable.

True to their irreverent style, Hyuna and Dawn surprised locals and strangers by wearing engagement rings through Instagram through a simultaneous publication on Thursday, February 3.

The K-pop idols have hinted that they have wedding plans after six years of a romance that began at Cube Entertainment.

Thousands of kpopers congratulated the couple who have repeatedly challenged the status quo and decided to live their love despite obstacles and criticism.

Engagement rings

Hyuna and Dawn informed their millions of followers about their engagement without any hesitation.

The 27-year-old rapper and songwriter posted a video on his official Instagram account where you can see their hands wearing similar rings.

"Marry me," Dawn wrote.

To clear up any doubts, Hyuna shared the same images on her Instagram profile with the message: "Of course it's a yes." And probably overcome with emotion, she wrote in another post: "thank you, thank you, always thank you."

It is important to emphasize that their engagement rings are not typical for these occasions. The jewels reflect in a special way, the personality and essence of Hyuna and Dawn.

It could not be otherwise, as both have forged a unique and original artistic career.

Hyuna and Dawn, the couple that challenged the k-pop industry

It is normal that when two artists announce or confirm that they are in a love relationship, a great stir is caused among their thousands or millions of followers.

But, when they share to the four winds that they have become engaged and are preparing for their wedding, that furor reaches stratospheric heights.

That was what happened with the fantastic news that the South Korean singers spread through their social networks.

Such was the reaction of her countless fans via Twitter : "how Hyuna and Dawn got engaged? It's the most anticipated moment in the entire industry," commented one.

"When Hyuna walks down the aisle in a bubblegum pink dress and Dawn in a turquoise tuxedo and stuff, make it the least quirky thing about the wedding," wrote another, sparking endless debate.

"The best couple in history is getting married, do you understand that?" Said a kpoper, among thousands of other comments.

Hyuna and Dawn: marriage in sight – Showbiz – WebMediums

Since 2016

The love relationship between the two artists was officially announced in 2018, however, both have stated that they began dating in 2016.

Kim Hyun-ah (Hyuna's real name) told Yonhap news in an interview about meeting Kim Hyo-jong (Dawn 's real name) when he was a trainee at Cube Entertainment.

From the moment they revealed their relationship, both told Yonhap News that they would continue their musical careers without hiding their love.

The singers were criticized after confirming their relationship themselves, since in the k-pop industry it is not well seen that two idols have something more than a friendship.

By normal company standards, such relationships affect the image they are meant to convey. And many of their fans also criticized them, because they felt betrayed.

Hyuna and Dawn: marriage in sight – Showbiz – WebMediums

Conflict with Cube Entertainment

Only a month passed after announcing their courtship, when Cube Entertainment tried to terminate their contract because: "They could not maintain confidence with them", after the declaration of the romance to the media, according to an authorized source told Korea Herald.

With a bleak future at her original agency, Hyuna quit in October 2018, and a month later, Dawn did the same.

Both artists challenged the K-pop industry and showed everyone that dating would not stop them from continuing their successful music careers.

In January 2019, they both signed with P Nation, the agency owned by singer PSY, world renowned for the catchy song "Gangnam Style".

To date, they continue in that company and have managed to become two of the greatest K-pop singers, without having to give up their love due to absurd prejudices that are maintained in South Korean society in general and in the music industry in particular.

The age difference

Although it may seem inconsequential to many, one of the criticisms usually mentioned by haters is the age difference, as Hyuna is older than Dawn by a couple of years.

Hyuna is 30 years old according to the particular accounts of South Korea (29 in international age).

The singer, rapper and model for the P Nation record label was born on June 6, 1992 in Seoul.

For her part, Dawn was born on June 1, 1994, in Hwasun County of South Jeolla Province, South Korea.

That brings the age count to 28 years in the South Korean method (27 years internationally).

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Hyuna y Dawn: matrimonio a la vista
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